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Child breakfast, you are more attentive!Intersection

In those days when you are on the Internet at home, do children eat breakfast every day?

If the answer is denying or uncertain, the parents must pay attention to it!

A vertical study published by the recent “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition” proposes that healthy breakfast habits may help minimize heart metabolic risk factors related to child and obesity.


Did you have breakfast today?

Now that the material conditions are excellent, the number of obese people is very large. In recent years, the rate of obesity of children and adolescents in my country has also risen sharply. Obesity and related heart metabolism risk factors, including high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and hypertension, are the main causes of death worldwide.

Developing good eating habits is considered to be the primary task of reducing and preventing risk factors in the heart metabolism.

Breakfast is considered to be a “golden meal” of the day, and has contributed to nutritional intake and diet quality. Breakfast is not only important in children’s growth and development. A number of studies have shown that breakfast habits are closely related to metabolic diseases such as obesity, hyperglycemia, high cholesterol, and hypertension.

Children’s heart metabolism risk factors are likely to continue to adulthood and are related to future cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and mortality.

Therefore, in the early stages of the growth and development process, the increase in the increasing increase in the risk factors of heart metabolism in the growth and development process will help children’s long -term health.


Breakfast, related to children’s health!

The purpose of the Chinese Institute of Nutrition and Health in China and the hospital to carry out this research is to analyze the relationship between the health breakfast habits of Chinese children and the change of the heart metabolic logo through large samples. Provide more evidence and suggestions for children’s healthy growth and development.

This study included 6,964 children aged 6,964 from multiple regions in China. It collected personal breakfast habits and cardiovascular metabolism indicators of different time nodes in a questionnaire survey. Cardiac metabolism risk scores (CCRS) evaluated fat Quality percentage, systolic pressure, blood glucose, total cholesterol (TC)/high density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) and glycerin trigly. Statistically analyzes the relationship between the frequency of breakfast, the structure of food, and the change of the dining place and the cardiac metabolic logo.

The results show:

1. Compared with children who do not eat breakfast, children who eat breakfast every day are low, and HDL-C is high.

2. The richer the number of foods eaten during breakfast, the relatively reduced CCRS.

3. Children who eat breakfast at home are related to healthy lipid levels.

4. The more healthy breakfast habits (daily breakfast, three or more foods and dining at home are defined as healthy breakfast habits), the corresponding cardiovascular metabolism indicators are healthier.

Therefore, developing a healthy breakfast habit can effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular metabolic disease in children!


How to eat breakfast?

What is a healthy breakfast habit? What should we eat for children every day?

First of all, you should develop the habit of eating breakfast every day.

Parents play an important role in urging their children to develop a good breakfast habit. Preparing for children with nutritious and delicious breakfast will increase children’s interest in eating breakfast at home.

Secondly, we should enrich the types of food in breakfast.

Eating different types of foods during breakfast can help reduce nutritional gaps and improve diet quality, which may help reduce the risk of cardiac metabolism.

Studies have shown that compared with children who eat 1 or 2 foods, children with 4 to 5 kinds of foods have increased less. The “China Dietary Guide” also clearly recommends that residents eat more food for breakfast. Many observation research emphasizes the benefits of breakfast food foods to children’s obesity and related heart metabolic risk factors.

In addition, a horizontal section research shows that high -breakfast intake of grains, vegetables, dairy products and fruits may have potential benefits for preventing metabolic syndrome.

Breakfast is the beginning of a day. Opening a full day with a high -quality and delicious breakfast, it also laid a solid foundation for the healthy growth of the child. Of course, while preparing breakfast for your children, don’t forget to eat breakfast!

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