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Children “can’t stop at all”?Be careful about polymothesia!

There is a disease term for medicine, which is also known as pay attention to defect disorder. In layman’s terms, this is a common psychological barrier during children. When parents hear, they may feel that their children always do not concentrate on what you want to make him do, and he can’t stop for a moment. It is normal for the child to be active, and how can you judge whether it is dynamic?

Explanation of multi -dysfunction in medical profession refers that the daily performance of children is inconsistent with their age, the development level is not competent, the attention is not concentrated, the attention time is relatively normal, the usual activity is excessive and easy to impulse. , Poor adaptability to strange environments or people.

The survey shows that the probability of polymotidism in children is about 3%-7%. What is even more terrible is that some people will also deal with multi -motion in adulthood, and physical and mental health will be seriously affected. In serious aspects, family happiness and normal social ability will be affected.

What should I do if my child has polymids?

1. Behavior treatment and cognitive treatment

The first thing to do is psychological guidance. Psychological guidance is mainly from two aspects: behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. Behavioral therapy is to correct the behavior of the child in time through the cause of operating conditions. Tell the child how to do it correctly, using new behaviors to replace his previous inappropriate behavior.

The cognitive behavior is to solve the impulse of the child, so that the children to learn how to correctly solve the problem, how to identify the appropriateness of their past behavior, so as to choose the appropriate way of behavior.

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