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Children with a cold should be used with a caution with a cold medicine

After the doctors found that many children had colds, parents were accustomed to taking non -prescription medicines with relatively small side effects for them, but these cold medicines often only play a role in relieving or controlling cold symptoms, but they could not clear the cold virus. If you want to take medicine for cold symptoms, it is best to choose

Treatment of children’s cold and medicine to prevent “five abuses”

Colds are common diseases in children. They can occur all year round, but it is particularly common in winter and spring. The main symptoms of children’s colds include fever, runny nose, nasal congestion, cough, and sometimes accompanied by vomiting and mild diarrhea. Seeing this situation, parents are very anxious and often appear some abuse medicines

Children with a cold or western medicine?

Children are a crowd of cold, and autumn and winter is a high incidence of colds. Parents understand some common knowledge of colds.

How do children take cold medicine correctly?

There are more medicines for treating children on the market, but if they are not used, they will have more effective results, and they may also cause harm to children. How do children take cold medicine correctly?

How to use the symptoms of a child’s cold?

Although cold is a general disease, if the treatment is not good, it can develop into laryngealitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, and even myocarditis, which can cause heart failure. Therefore, you must pay attention to the type of a child’s cold

Why do some cold medicine children can’t use it

Children’s general colds are the upper respiratory tract infections that we often say, referred to as “upper sensation”. The “upper sensation” of bacterial infection should use antibiotics. “The upper sensitivity” caused by virus infections cannot be used. So don’t mess up

Children need to choose medicine according to age

When the seasons alternate and the temperature difference changes, the baby often has a cold. What kind of cold medicine to choose to give your children to eat it?

Is the baby used for a cold and fever infusion tube?

Fever is not a disease, it is just a clinical manifestation. The key depends on what causes. Unreasonable diet, violent activities, crying, too thick clothes, high temperature or room temperature

Baby fever and first aid, do not mess up on their own

“Xiao Bao’s body feels hot, is it a fever?” Moms, when you are surprised that the child’s temperature is a bit high, don’t fever, rush to take the baby to the hospital, or ask the doctor to fight, or ask the doctor to fight Anti -fever needle! Look at the suggestions we give you before acting

How to use the baby’s fever correctly?

Many unknown parents panic when they saw their children’s fever, but they reached “in congenia”. Now some parents are worried that their little babies will fall in their homes, so they eat more and more finely, and make up more and more advanced and more advanced. However, pediatric endocrine experts believe that children should not supplement because many children are eaten.

Experts point out that the following common “high hormones” foods should be eaten as little as possible for parents:

Poultry neck

Most of the poultry today is “urged”, and the “cooked agent” residue in poultry meat is mainly concentrated in the gland of the poultry head and neck. Therefore, the neck of chicken, duck and geese for a long time has become “promoting promotion High -risk behavior of precocious puberty.

Anti -season fruit

Winter strawberries, watermelons, grapes, tomatoes, etc., pears, apples, peaches and orange, which are listed in advance in the late spring, are almost all mature or early with the help of “cooked agents”. Therefore, they should also avoid children. edible.

Fried food

High calories will be transformed into excess fat in the child’s body, causing endocrine disorders and resulting in precocious puberty; and after repeated heating of edible oil, high temperatures make it oxidize and degenerate, which is also one of the causes of “sexual precocity”.

Oral nutrition

Some oral fluid contains hormones. After taking the child, the child grows tall and stronger than the children of the same age. When the child enters the normal development stage, it is not long. Therefore, you cannot blindly buy oral replenishment for your children on the market.


Nowadays, there are many colostrum brands on the market, and they have advertised that they can improve the immunity of infants and young children. Many mothers who distressed their children buy them for children. In fact, the colostrum of Niu is the first week of the Niu Mom’s milk after giving birth to Niu Baby. The adrenaline content in it is extremely high. It may be no problem for infants and young children, but for children close to adolescence, their bodies are more sensitive. It is easy to enter adolescence early for a long time.

Improper soup

If the animal’s internal organs are cooked together, the thyroid gland and the gland containing hormone substances will be used to intake the human body through meals. Therefore, the soup that children drink should be placed less in the animal’s internal organs. (Liyang)

As soon as the doctor checked, the doctor found that it was only an ordinary virus infection. As long as the medicine was used correctly, the child could recover his health soon

Is it better to take medicine for children with fever or injections?

The custom is called fever. Children’s fever is mostly a symptom caused by various infectious diseases. Because some children from 6 months to 5 years old may cause thermal rigidity, parents are very panicked about fever, as long as the child is heating

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The secret recipe of the baby’s cold without medicine

It is common sense to relieve symptoms when using a cold, but some people must remove it, such as infants and young children. In recent years, the views of children’s cautious cold medicine have been recognized by Chinese and foreign experts, but they do not take medicine …

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)


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