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Children often have a cold, why is it?Parents should pay attention to three points

Children’s body’s antiviral function will be weaker than adults because many children’s physical functions have not yet developed, and if children are sick, if they do not pay attention or processed in time, other complications are easy to “rush up”!

It is not uncommon for children to have a cold, but there are causes, and the causes of colds are different. Therefore, we must be targeted and take different types of colds. What is children always cold? Do parents know?

One of the reasons why children often catch a cold: get angry

Colds have a sense of heat and cold, and the heat feels the cold due to the hot weather or the fire. When the weather is relatively hot, if children often eat fried foods, it will lead to a stronger gas in the body and cause a cold. At this time, the symptoms of a cold will generally have dry eyes, soreness, pus, snot, and throat swelling and pain. Essence If the cold is caused by the heat, you can follow the doctor’s order to take the cold and detoxify the cold medicine for the treatment.

The reason why children often catch a cold: the cold sensation caused by cold

In addition to colds in summer, winter is also one of the seasons where children are prone to colds. The weather is relatively cold in winter. Once negligible, the child is vulnerable to cold and causes a cold. Therefore, in winter, parents must urge their children to wear more clothes and do not play cold water. After a cold, you can cover your child a little more quilt and cover up a sweat to treat a cold.

Three reasons why children often catch a cold: Sudden cold and hot heat

Children prefer to play, and after playing, they feel that this will undress at will. At this time, it is easy to cause the temperature difference between the body to become large and cause a cold. Therefore, parents should often teach children not to undress immediately after playing hot, and take it out for a while to undress.

There are many reasons that cause children’s often colds. If it is not too serious, parents can proper care to help children treat colds. Don’t take medicine too often. If you often take medicine, it will cause antibodies in the body. Essence Of course, once a cold causes fever or other symptoms, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment in time.

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