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Children with “big” on TV are easy to be lonely

Watching TV before 3 years old, hurting the child’s brain

Eric Sigman found that watching TV’s adverse effects on children mainly includes the following four aspects.

Brain and nervous system development is limited. Watching TV is different from reading, the latter can promote development and improve children’s analysis and thinking ability. Watching TV is a passive accepted behavior, which will hinder children’s real world and limit their imagination. Before the age of 3, the brain development should be completed about 80%. Watching TV often delay brain development, and this impact is irreversible.

I can’t sleep well or not. The melatonin is closely related to the quality of sleep, and it also has a role in regulating adolescence. As we all know, infants and young children grow in sleep. Studies have found that watching TV for a long time will inhibit melatonin secretion. If you do n’t look at it for 1 consecutive weeks, the melatonin level in the child can increase by 30%.

More prone to cardiovascular disease. A research report published by the University of Sydney, Australia this summer states that among the 290 15 -year -old boys interviewed, children who watch TV or play computers for more than two hours every day, their blood reflects the level of signs suffering from coronary heart disease. Great increase.

Personality is irritable and difficult to make friends. Researchers have long observed that children who often watch TV have a more irritable personality and are prone to nervousness. Watching TV is very unfavorable to their social interactions and lives.

Although there are many hazards watching TV, educators point out that it has a certain benefit to developing children’s perception and memory. The key is to grasp the good degree. The American Children’s Science Association pointed out that children under the age of 2 are best not to see. Associate Professor Qian Zhiliang of the School of Education of Beijing Normal University said that even after two or three years of age, the time to watch TV should be controlled within 45 minutes; school -age children can watch it appropriately after writing homework at night.

Experts also reminded that the TV is not placed in the bedroom, so as not to develop a bad habit of lying on the TV. Don’t look at it while eating, so as not to concentrate on eating. Parents are best to see with their children, and definitely the excellent virtues reflected in the story. It can also allow children to repeat the storyline and help them analyze, so as to cultivate and develop children’s language expression ability, right and wrong judgment and memory ability

Children should count in minutes to watch TV

After the age of 2, children are more interested in watching TV. However, if the impact of television on children’s morality, psychology, and cognition exceeds books, teachers, companions, and even parents, parents must pay enough attention to this. Do not let young children be affected by TVs too much. Essence

Experts introduced that TV programs are often more intuitive, more vivid and more irritating than the drawing books and teachers, which will gradually lose their children’s interest in books and classrooms. Watching TV too much will also deprive children of the other activities, especially outdoor activities and time to play with other children, which will affect the child’s creative thinking and physical exercise.

Each time for children to watch TV should not cause vision fatigue. Two -year -old children should watch TV for 5 minutes each time, 3 -year -old children do not exceed 15 minutes, and children over 4 years old are controlled for 20-30 minutes. In addition, the viewing distance is more than 2 meters, and you should look down or look down.

Suggestion: Let children and book toys accompany

After the child is born, he will establish a “attachment relationship” with close people, and sometimes he is unwilling to leave his parents for a while. However, for young children, they not only have “attachment relationships” with their parents, but also a critical period for the establishment of “partnership”. They should play more with children, not to be with the TV, sit there and do it there to do it there to do it. Daydream.

But after all, it is impossible for parents to separate TV from their children. Like Yu Yu’s mother, the TV can indeed help her. Because of this, the relationship between children and television is becoming more and more important. Very good children’s programs, you can let your children watch some properly. Especially parents who are too busy and have less children should seize all opportunities to cultivate parent -child relationships with children. Even when watching TV, parents are best to watch with their children, inspiring the children while watching, turning the process of watching TV into a process of interacting with children, which helps promote the development of parent -child relationships.

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For a three or four -year -old children, it is the critical period of personality and intellectual development. In abroad, in order to better cultivate children, some parents even give up their jobs and concentrate on taking care of their children. Although everyone cannot be asked to do that, parents are better to take a little time with their children while busy.

In addition, letting children stay away from TV and be a healthy baby. Parents must first lead by example, stay away from TV, give children a good growth environment, and quit their children’s “TV addiction” with children’s books, puzzle toys or other things.

(Editor in charge: Deng Qi)

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