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Children’s autumn diarrhea prevention and control strategy, say goodbye to diarrhea!

Autumn is also a season when the disease occurs. At this time, because of poor resistance, children can easily cause some problems, such as autumn diarrhea. In autumn, diarrhea is contagious, and it is not easy to recover. Therefore, parents must pay attention to preventing their children in autumn. Let me introduce to you how to prevent children with diarrhea in autumn.

1. Drink plenty of water

In autumn, the temperature will decrease relatively, the virus and bacteria in the environment will also breed a lot, and the food is easily polluted. At this time, it is necessary to drink plenty of water to promote the discharge of waste in the body. , Avoid diarrhea as much as possible.

2. Washing your hands frequently

Because diarrhea in autumn is contagious, it is generally spread through air water sources or food and saliva. Therefore, you must do self -protection in autumn. of.

3. Pay attention to keep warm

Because the weather will become colder in autumn, human resistance will be relatively poor. At this time, you must pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen and pay attention to avoid cold. In this case, you can also avoid diarrhea.

4. Exercise

Usually, children can take more exercise. Through exercise, they can enhance personal immunity and resistance to external bacterial virus invasion. Use exercise to enhance their physique and prevent autumn diarrhea.

Caused by diarrhea in autumn, it is likely to be caused by poor digestion or not paying attention to diet. It is also caused by not paying attention to sanitary bacterial infections. Therefore, we must pay attention to prevention. , Allow babies to drink more porridge to nourish the stomach, or exercise more to enhance their physique.

The above is the content of how to prevent diarrhea in the autumn. Are parents get?

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