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Children’s cherry eating too much may cause poisoning

1 cup of cherry juice = 23 parts of fruits and vegetables

The latest study found that a cup of cherry juice contained nutrition is equivalent to 23 fruits and vegetables.

Researchers have found that the protection of 250 ml of cherry juice on the human body through the study of the Monteci -sour cherry produced in the United States has better protecting the human body than 5 beans, tomatoes, watermelon, carrots and bananas.

Cherry is the freshest and the highest nutrients in summer fruits

Everyone knows that it is best to choose the season for eating fruits. In this season, most of the Apple and Pear were picked up last year. Fruits such as melon, peach, apricot, strawberry, grapes and other fruits also have to wait for a while to mature. It can be said that cherries are driving this seasonal empty. Only cherries are the freshest and the highest nutritional ingredients in the fruits at this time.

From a nutritional point of view, cherries are rich in vitamins and trace elements. It is rich in iron. The highest iron content per 100 grams can reach 11.4 mg, far exceeding other fruits at this time. There are also records in traditional Chinese medicine that cherries have the effects of regulating qi, strengthening the spleen and stomach, removing rheumatism, making the skin rosy and white, wrinkled and spots. Now, the cherry types that people can buy in the market can be distinguished from size and color. The larger variety introduced from abroad, most of the small cherries are grown in China, but these two are not distinguished from nutrition. From the perspective of color, there are varieties with redness and purple, as well as colorful and even yellow colors. The nutritional content of several varieties conforms to the laws of nutrition. The deeper the color is, the higher the nutrition, the more darker colors, and the light sour taste.

Eating fresh cherries in the season, there are many ways to eat cherries in the season in non -season. Buy more now, not only can you eat raw, you can also use part of it to make wine, make jam, make cans or freeze it. In this way, you can taste the delicious cherry in summer even in the cold winter.

Buy a little trick

When buying a cherry, you should choose a fruit pipe, bright color, and full skin. If you can’t finish it at the time, it is best to save it under the refrigerator of 1 ° C. Cherry belongs to berries and is easy to damage, so be sure to put it lightly.

How to clean cherry?

In addition, after the cherry sprouts, it is easy to produce small worms inside, and it is difficult to see the naked eye. It is best to soak it with water for 5 minutes after washing.

3 kinds of cherry eating

Cherry wine:

Fresh cherry 500 grams, 1000 ml of rice wine. Wash the altar in the cherry, soak and seal with rice wine, stir every 2 to 3 days, and it will be made 15-20 days.

Cherry sauce:

Choose a large and sweet cherry, about 1000 grams. After washing, cut each cherry after washing, peel off the peel, and remove the nucleus; put the flesh and sugar in the pot together, and boil it after the upper fire boils it. Turn it in the middle of the heat, skim off the fluffy astringent juice, and cook again; when cooking until it is sticky, add lemon juice, cook slightly, leave the fire, and let it cool.

Frozen cherry:

Put the cherry in the container and then put it in the refrigerator freezing room, which can be stored in the past and four seasons, so that vitamins are kept well. After eating hot pot in winter, a few frozen cherries can help digestion and relieve greasy.

Eat only 12 cherries a day

Cherry is delicious and nutritious, but it still has to be “tasting”. Experts have recently reminded that although cherries have known the reputation of “beauty fruit” since ancient times, they are warm and too much. ,diarrhea. In addition, people with insufficient gastric acid secretion should not eat cherries on an empty stomach to avoid aggravating damage to gastric mucosa.

Therefore, eating cherries every day should be controlled at about 12.

Children should not eat cherries too much

Cherry is hot, hot, and is not available in people with fever and coughing. Especially children, cherry cherries are prone to fever, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis and bronchial expansion and other diseases. , Red tongue, when the pulse is soft, you should avoid cherry. Therefore, although cherries are delicious, don’t let children eat!

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Too much cooking cherry may be poisoned

In addition to iron containing cherries, it also contains a certain amount of cyanide. If you eat too much, you will cause iron poisoning or cyanide poisoning. Once you eat too much cherry discomfort, you can use sugarcane juice to clear heat and detoxify.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yulian)

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