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Children’s constipation treatment has prescriptions, and it is the key to develop row habits!

The longest distance in the world is that her mother holds her child, but she failed to know what the child wanted to express. A lot of mothers mess with their babies because of their various physical discomforts, because the baby is not uncomfortable. This requires mothers to pay more attention to the baby’s move.

Take children’s constipation, in fact, parents can know whether the children are constipation through the interval between children’s constipation. And mothers must not ignore children’s constipation. Let me let Xiaobian sort out some points of children’s constipation for you!

How to break the constipation of children? The reason for the difficulty of defecation is here

First of all, parents must know that children’s stool constipation is essentially changing the law of bowel movements, mainly divided into two categories: functional constipation and organic constipation.

The realization of constipation of children’s stool is that the number of defecations is small, and it is obviously dry, hard and hard -the -secret. In fact, these performances are similar to adults, and they are difficult to defecate. It becomes dry and difficult to discharge. If anal fissure is merged, the child may have blood stools. Parents should pay attention to it.

Children’s constipation treatment has prescriptions, and the bowel habits are critical

In the treatment of constipation of children, there is usually an enema treatment. It is to mix the physiological saline paraffin oil and magnesium sulfate according to a reasonable ratio and pour into the intestine through the anus to allow the intestines to be relieved in the intestine.

There is also drug treatment. Through the reasonable excretion of drugs, it can make children form a regular habit of formulating regularity after several months. At this time, you can consider discontinuation.

In addition to taking drugs, you also need to add diet conditioning, such as eating more whole wheat, fruits, and vegetables, to increase the intake of water to soften the intestinal stool, so that the parents must learn to make children have the frequency of defecation. Slowly become a habit.

Regardless of whether it is adults or children, constipation can cause various gastrointestinal discomfort such as abdominal pain, bloating and loss of appetite, and can only be relieved after normal bowel movement. Usually supplement sufficient water, take more foods containing crude cellulose, develop good bowel habits, feel like toilets, don’t think that things such as saying are to say and other things.

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