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“Children’s Cosmetics” is “Children’s Makeup”?Children’s cosmetics not only refer to makeup!

The “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Children’s Cosmetics” implemented this year clearly stated that children’s cosmetics refer to cosmetics such as cleaning, moisturizing, refreshing, and sun protection. In other words, shower gel, refreshing powder, sun protection, etc. also belong to children’s cosmetics.

It is worth noting that according to the “Cosmetics Classification Rules and Catalogs” issued by the State Drug Administration, cosmetics used by children aged 3-12 can contain the effects of beauty modification, makeup remover, etc., and cosmetics used by infants 0-3 years old. Its effects claim that it is limited to cleaning, moisturizing, hair care, sun protection, soothing, and refreshing. In other words, if the makeup and cosmetics label claims that infants under the age of 3 are available, it is illegal.

So, how should parents choose children’s cosmetics?

First of all, it depends on the product description, such as warning statements such as the shelf life and whether there are “skin allergies”.

Secondly, the ingredients should be paid to the ingredients. The simpler the ingredients, the smaller the skin irritation.

Again, it depends on the manufacturers and products that are not specialized in the production of children’s cosmetics manufacturers. It is best not to buy it.

Fourth, it depends on the effect. The new product just launched is best to buy.

Finally, it depends on the details. It is recommended to buy a regular large -scale shopping mall and supermarket in the purchase channel, and pay attention to check whether there are health license numbers in the production enterprise in the packaging, whether the factory name is complete, whether the packaging is intact and whether the printing is clear.

In addition, when choosing infant products, those infants and young children should not easily open or break the packaging skin care products to prevent their intake or inhalation of harmful substances. Because the amount of skin care products in infants and young children is small, one product often needs to be used for a long time. Therefore use. If you find that your child’s eyes are congested and crying during use, you must stop using it immediately.

Children’s cosmetics, do you use or not?

In front of the children’s skin care products in any shopping mall, a variety of skin creams, skin care oils, bath liquids, hip creams, and sunscreens can make you look at it. However, can skin care products be used or not, how should it be used?

Parents are recommended for babies to choose a “skin test” for their babies when choosing daily chemical products. The operation method is to apply some products in the inner and lower part of the baby’s front arm. If it is a shower gel, it needs to be diluted before applying it, and then apply it once a day. used.

How to suns on the baby

When you take your child out, it is best to avoid the strongest period of the sun in the morning to the afternoon, and wear a hat or prepare a parasol for your child. If the time for outdoor is too long, try to play under the shade of the tree or the cool place of the building. If you do n’t go out for a long time, you do n’t need sunscreen. On the contrary, you must apply the sunscreen applicable to children before going out.

Natural products can be equipped with natural substances such as sesame oil and olive oil to help children skin care. However, it should be noted that the sesame oil and olive oil must be cooked, and the children are used to cool in a safe place. However, there are also disadvantages of this method, that is, it is difficult to grasp the amount. Usually moisturizing lips and hips is okay, and large areas are used in large areas. It is recommended to choose skin care products for children.

Warm reminder: Many parents feel that their children are delicate in their skin, and it is best to use less or skin care products. In fact, this idea is not complete.

Children’s skin and subcutaneous tissue are relatively thin and tender, and their ability to adapt to the external environment is poor, especially in the spring of the sky and the summer that needs sunscreen. Therefore, the baby’s moisturizing cream should be used, but you must pay attention to choosing simple ingredients, single effects, and guaranteed quality.

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The so -called ingredients are simple, that is, it is best to not add special spices, without too much color, and only have basic moisturizing ingredients. Therefore, it is recommended that parents smell the smell first when choosing, and there is a faint fragrance, and the child is not disgusted. Then squeeze out some trials. The white or milky white is best, and it is best not to buy it in bright colors. The single function means that the function of skin care products should be simple. For example, the buttocks cream are specifically protecting the small butt, and the moisturizing cream is moisturizing the skin. If the skin cream has other effects, parents should be careful.

From May 1st this year, new children’s cosmetics applied for registration or filing must be marked with the exclusive signs of the “Little Gold Shield”; the products applying for registration or filing before should also complete the product label update before May 1, 2023.

Therefore, it is recommended that parents try not to buy cosmetics without the “Little Gold Shield” logo for children.

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