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Children’s diarrhea is different for reasons!Grasp out four common “culprits”

Children’s diarrhea is a common disease of children, mainly manifested in the number of stools in children, thin or water -like.

The incidence of this disease is high in summer and autumn, and it is easy to cause popularity. Children’s spleen is often insufficient, external evils enter the body, internal injury to milk, or spleen and kidney yang deficiency, can cause the spleen and stomach to be disordered and cause diarrhea. The causes of diarrhea are different. Let’s analyze these reasons below.

1. Diarrhea caused by virus infection

Virus infection, especially rotavirus, can cause diarrhea in children. It shows that the child’s stool is like rice soup or egg flower soup. It is very thin and there is no obvious smell. Basically what you eat.

The diarrhea caused by the virus is generally urgent. The incubation period is 1 to 3 days. In the early stage of the infection, there will be symptoms such as runny nose, light cough, and nose. diarrhea.

Diarrhea caused by rotary virus is also called autumn diarrhea. During the season, the temperature difference is large, and it may be difficult to avoid the intake of ice drinks in summer, resulting in a decline in intestinal function and low physical immunity. Essence

2. Diarrhea caused by cold

For example, children blowing the air conditioner at night to the stomach, sleeping kicking quilt, or eating too much cold, which can cause the body to be cold, causing the intestinal peristalsis, and diarrhea is like this. The diarrhea caused by cold is: stool is water -like, green, foam, and not smelly. The baby may be dizzy, headache, afraid of cold, etc.

3. Diarsening caused by accumulating food or weak spleen and stomach

The baby’s gastrointestinal tract is weak, the digestive enzyme is insufficient, and the stomach volume is small. These are determined that the feeding is unwilling. If you are not careful, you will “accumulate”. Some Baoma did not pay attention, but also fed or gave food that was not easy to digest. It was inevitable that food was worse.

4. Diarrhea caused by weak spleen and stomach

Such a baby may have a sparse hair and white tongue coating. The weakness of the spleen and stomach has a certain relationship with the mother, that is, there is a genetic reason. The inheritance we are talking about here is actually the inheritance of lifestyle and the inheritance of nutrient deficiency. The diarrhea caused by the weakness of the spleen and stomach and the diarrhea caused by the accumulation of food may exist at the same time. Because the weak spleen and stomach can cause indigestion, indigestion can cause accumulation.

The baby’s immune system is still being improved. Compared with adults, their gastrointestinal regulation function is poor, which also determines that they are a group that is prone to diarrhea. Of course, diarrhea is not terrible, the key is how to care. Bao Da Baomao, your homework is going to do!

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