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Children’s dynamic disease, what can parents do?Remember five guidelines

When it comes to the synonym of children, it is estimated that it cannot be taken off with the words such as cute, lively, and active. But honestly, if children suffer from multi -motion, many parents have a headache. Live and moving is not wrong, but too lively and moving, it is inevitable to pay attention. Today I will tell you that children are dynamic. What can parents do?

Children have polymothesis, and parental guidance is important

1. Parents request to meet the reality

Parents must be fully understood by Parents. For these children, they cannot appropriately reduce your standards as required as normal children. They can control their behavior without excessive progress, it is very good progress, and don’t have too many requirements.

2. Guide the child’s energy

For children with mobilization, give them correct guidance. Let them play most of their energy through exercise. This method requires parents and teachers to complete them. In daily life, children can participate in more sports, and they can run and play frequently. These sports can help help. Children release their energy. If you have the conditions, you can let your children participate in these activities frequently, and they can release their energy, but pay attention to the safety of safety when you are activating.

3. Strengthen the cultivation of attention

For such children, they should gradually cultivate their attention in life. You can choose what they like, such as reading and listening to stories, and gradually make their attention concentration longer. In class, they can adjust their seats to the first row, and the teacher can supervise the teacher during class.

4. Cultivate regular living habits

Parents must teach them to have regular habits when they are young. The habit of diet and sleep should also be cultivated from an early age to allow children to sleep enough. Don’t change too much about children’s hobbies, let them watch movies and watch cartoons until late at night, which will seriously affect sleep.

5. Cultivate their self -esteem and self -confidence

It is necessary to eliminate the nervousness of children, cultivate their self -confidence and self -esteem, so that they can improve their self -control capabilities, give praise in time when there is progress, and make children more confident.

The above is some of the children’s dynamics that introduce you to children. How should parents guide their children? I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


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