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Children’s ladch bags cure all diseases, do you believe it?

This is destined to be an article that “lovers love, hate and hate”.

Because: 1. This topic is very hot!

Baidu searched, there were more than 9 million related results “Pediatric Massage”, which was nearly 5 million more than “children is not taller”.

2. This market is messy. 14 -day training can be worn, using inferior talc powder, small illnesses, and even news such as major illnesses, and even life, and other lives.

3. “Believers” firmly, “If you do n’t take medicine in the future, you will be a massage.”

4. However, the question is constantly. There are doubt whether the operator of the surgeon specializes in this surgery. “

There are also direct point: Pediatric massage, Yueyue and housekeeping practitioners are highly reconnected.

“Those who are familiar with” Sun Tzu’s Art of War “may not be a good general. Similarly, I have learned the basic acupuncture points and operation methods of children’s massage. Treatment. “Tian Qingle, deputy chief physician of the children’s diarrhea in Jiangsu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said.

Can pediatrics cure more than a dozen diseases?

For the code, Yan Xiaoliu explored 4 children’s massage shops. Very open.

What impressed him most was a “store manager” in his 30s. She introduced that they can be a child massage at the age of 0 to 12, and the effect of under 6 years of age is more ideal. Colds, fever, accumulation, anorexia, constipation, diarrhea are suitable for children’s massage, which is more effective than drugs.

“Just say that there is no feeling, you know, you know,” she said. “She said.

The most real is a librarian of a chain Chinese medicine museum. TA said: “It depends on the specific situation of the child and whether it is suitable.”

从宣传来看,小儿推拿“包治”十几种病:小儿泄泻、呕吐、食积、厌食、便秘、腹痛、脱肛、感冒、咳嗽、哮喘、发热、遗尿、夜啼、肌性斜颈、 Falling pillows, stunning, and children’s myopia -all common diseases and diseases.

“Most of the time, pediatric massage is used to regulate the internal medicine, especially the respiratory and digestive system diseases. It can also be used to regulate children’s enuresis. It has good curative effects and health effects. The operation method is appropriate. “Tian Qingle introduced.

Pediatric massage is a massage method that stimulates acupuncture points (including kneading, pinching, pushing, pressing, transportation, etc.) instead of acupuncture and drugs. “Massage Age Delivery” has said that massage is medication, and different methods act on the same part, which will produce different drug effects.

Although children’s massage has been criticized for lack of “scientific hammer” and does not match the thinking of evidence -based medicine. But now, various SCIs have released observations of clinical applications to verify their effectiveness of cure and health care. This method has also been served by more and more hospitals.

For example, one said that children can catch a cold, cough, etc., can be used to pinch the spine for the upper chest spine. Some studies have found that pinching this position can stimulate nerves and muscles, strengthen related reflexes, help eliminate sputum, and then relieve cough.

For another example, children’s muscle oblique neck may originate from one side of the muscles that cannot shrink and relax normally. In addition to losing function, this also limits the movement of the neck, causing the muscles on both sides to develop asymmetry, and finally cause “crooked neck”. For local massage, it can improve muscle tension and promote functional rehabilitation. Slowly, the child’s neck was positive and straight.

Get as soon as you have symptoms?

The parents of the “believers” felt that the children’s massage was good. As long as they saw the child uncomfortable, they quickly sent them to a child massage store or do it at home.

There is a very important link in the middle: disease diagnosis.

They are cough, sneezing, and runny nose, but the reason may be very different. “TA may be a normal cold or allergic rhinitis. Different causes, the acupuncture points, techniques, and even clockwise pushing in clockwise, it is different.” Tian Qingle said.

For another example, Pei Honggang, the former Shenzhen Children’s Hospital Pediatric Surgeon, was in “Truth?” Can children’s massage really cure so many diseases? “One article pointed out:” All are manifested as constipation, some are functional issues; some are pathological, such as hypothyroidism and congenital giant colon. “Based on this, do not correct the cause, only lack of massage, it is likely to delay treatment, or even even I asked for the child’s life.

“Some children are chronic diseases and recurrent attacks. Parents may have been medical treatment for a long time, and they may have mastered the basic knowledge of some children’s massage.” Tian Qingle introduced that he would teach his parents to some basic methods and use pens to draw the parts of the massage and draw the parts of the massage and the mass of the massage and the massage of the massage. The direction of massage. Parents can then push at home. Some children push at home several times to cure. “If there is no improvement in a day or two, you still need to return to the clinic in time.”

Just push and take medicine, okay?

“No.” Sun Kexing, deputy chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, opened the door to see the mountain.

If you encounter high fever, severe infection, severe vomiting, diarrhea, severe asthma and other body dysfunction state, you need to treat symptomatic treatment in time.

For example, more than 10 diarrhea a day, the child has dewater manifestations, and oral ORS replenishment salt should be performed. If you have a high fever above 38.5 °, you need to use heat -relieving analgesic drugs as appropriate. If children have allergic diseases such as asthma, they should adhere to anti -allergic treatment to prevent allergic shock.

Parents’ wishes should be cured, not “must be cured by ** methods.”

Is it pushing or healing?

Regarding the effect of massage, the person who experiences it is sincere. Some people call it “effective at one time.” Some people feel “useless”.

See a story for everyone:

It can be seen from the description of this mother: 1. Children are pure virus infections and self -limited diseases, that is, to a certain degree of occurrence. Regardless of whether there is medicine or not, people rely on their own immunity+drink plenty of water+rest. It can improve slowly until recovery. For example, virus infections cause respiratory tract infections, which are commonly known as influenza, 7 days a cycle. As long as it is not infected, the flu is fine. For another example, diarrhea caused by wheeled virus infection is also 7 days, and then gradually improves.

It is time to be hospitalized for 5 days.

2. The laboratory inspection did not detect bacteria, indicating that there was no secondary infection, and antibiotics should not be used.

Based on these, it is the credit for children’s massage, which has nothing to do with the child’s immunity, then …

Children’s massage is taboo!

“Pediatric massage, also known as pediatric massage, has a wide range of applications and scope. Like a physical touch for infants and young children, it can be regarded as the category of massage.” Sun Kexing said, but when there is the following situations, it is best not to do it.

1. New hair fracture;

2. Skin damage, ulcer, bleeding site;

3. Burns, burns;

4. Acute and severe infectious diseases;

5. Children with physical avoidance, painful expressions, frightening, crying, etc. should be adjusted; if crying must not be relieved, they need to stop;

6. Infants who were born to 6 months, they were so fleshy that it was difficult to grab acupuncture points and pinch the spine. They could do some physical touch, not to massage.

Tian Qingle said that the tone of children’s massage is “light and soft”, comfortable and easy to accept. If the child is crying as soon as possible, either is not skilled in technology and technique, and the child feels pain; or he is seriously ill and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. In addition, each massage time is controlled for 10 minutes to 20 minutes. Too long, children are not easy to cooperate.

In response to the “under 6 years old, the best effect of massage”, he believes that this is a summary of experience in clinical observation. It may be that the child’s immune ability is relatively weak. As long as the treatment is symptomatic, the speed and effect of the condition are obvious than the adult.

“Multi -Experiment and Multi -Energy” pediatric massage artist

“Children’s massage is myth.” In the interview, Sun Kexing said. This is evident from various children’s massage shops everywhere.

In Yan Xiao Liu’s investigation, problems such as low quality of employees, unlicensed operations, and poor sanitary conditions are generally common. Every family, Yan Xiaoliu proposed that it depends on the practice license of the medical institution and the practice license of the relevant personnel. Get 3 replies.

The most hearing is: “We have a business license, and masseuses have employment training certificates.”

And, “Pediatrics issued by the country.”

Then, “We are Chinese medicine practitioners, there is a license for Chinese medicine.”

Yan Xiaoliu saw various styles of certificates. Due to the situation at the time, the real goods were not taken. But there is the same model online ↓

These certificates take 4 knowledge points:

1. The certification agencies are various. Solemnly reminded that the second “National Employment Training Technical Guidance Center” above is a high imitation version of the “China Employment Training Technology Guidance Center”.

2. There is no profession of “pediatric massage” in our professional classic. Even the certificate issued by the “China Employment Training Technology Guidance Center”, or a training category, or the cooperation with local labor security departments, has limited effectiveness, is not “practice qualification recognition”.

3. In the professional skills appraisal of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in China, only the “masseur” qualification qualification identification (as shown below). You need to accept the theoretical knowledge and operating skills.

4. According to the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, non -medical institutions use “traditional Chinese medicine”, “medical”, “treatment”, and disease names such as “traditional Chinese medicine”, “medical”, “treatment”, and disease names in institutional names, business project names, and project introduction. For illegal medicine. Simply put, those children’s massage stores that claim to cure but cannot get a medical institution license are all hooligans.

The training institutions are mixed, and they are also very serious. As long as you have money, anyone can sign up for training. The cost of training ranges from two or three hundred to two to 30,000. The shortest fast Cheng class is “the day of the day, the day will be the day.”

Although “qualifications are difficult to prove”, many employees have both positions. Some are both infants and young children bathing, swimming, and touching. Some are managed by men, women, and children.

When walking in a store, Yan Xiao Liu heard the “massage division” and chat with the front desk: “I have an old customer Ai Bi at 5 o’clock, a scraping at 6 o’clock, and a child massage at 7 o’clock.”

Can self -study?

Outsiders are unreliable, can they learn themselves? Calibrate the idea of ​​parents, and on the major e -commerce platforms, children’s massage books are sweaty.

Many books are under the TAG of “Simple and Easy to Learn”.

If you are just looking for health care and parent -child interaction, you can try it. But if the anchor treats the disease and does not take medicine, the reality is not so beautiful.

First of all, the children’s labels are targeted at different situations. The acupuncture points formed by different strengths are different. Mom is studying at home, and the child is your test rat. Are you willing to?

Secondly, when you read a few books, you want to integrate the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, accurately evaluate the child’s condition and dialectical treatment. Is it possible?

Finally, children’s disease changes quickly. Some children have mild symptoms in the early stage of the disease, but they can increase rapidly in a short time. Sometimes, even pediatricians cannot make accurate diagnosis. Do you dare to take risks?

Thinking: Why is pediatric massage “fire”?

Pediatrics have a red half of the sky. There are many reasons. For example, it is effective, easy to operate, and safer when operating by regular Chinese medicine practitioners.However, there is a series of social problems behind it: the second child is fully liberalized, the environmental pollution, the pediatrics are difficult to seek medical treatment.Capital’s coaxing and some media have a slight negative report.If you see here, you insist on asking your child to do a label, then:

1. Clarify what the disease is, treat the symptoms;

2. Put up the mentality, do not abandon the medicine due to massage;

3. Check the license of the medical institution of the institution, as well as the massageer’s practice certificate, such as the “masseur” certificate recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, or the traditional Chinese medicine “Physician Qualification Certificate” by the local health authority.

4. Observe the child’s massage, and the subsequent status and response.

In the end: Any gimmick that cure all diseases, don’t believe it!

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