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Children’s music appreciation at different ages

● At the age of two, you can not only pay attention to listening to music, but also feel simple music works. like:

1. Chinese and foreign children’s art songs: “I Love My Little Animals”, “Haba Dog”, “Ant Moving Bean”, “Kitten”, “Brush”, “Little Star”, “Bell Ling Ding” and so on.

2. Image children’s artifacts: For example: “Piano”, this is Gu Jialin’s piano small song, the melody is beautiful, showing the vivid scene of children’s slippery ladder from bottom to top and rapid downward. “The Song of Birds” and “Duckling Dance” show the image characteristics of birds and ducklings.

3. Appreciate Chinese and foreign (classical, modern) dance music, songs, and lullays of various styles and styles.

★ Three -year -old children have greater enthusiasm for appreciation of music. Music can cause emotional resonance. Happy and lively music makes children feel happy, and quiet music makes children feel calm. However, their emotional nature of music works is not easy to understand. When they listen to music, they often focus on the characteristic factor of expressing themes. Such as the prelude, ending, accompaniment sound of image, etc. However, when listening to the music, shaking blue songs, or happy dance music, you can walk with music, hold dolls, and be excited to dance.

★ Three -year -old children can recognize the speed changes in music works, and their movements can change with the change of music speed.

Three -year -old children have difficulty perception and changes in the sound zone. For example, when the music melody is carried out in the high zone and the bass area, the bird must know that the birds are flying brisk, the birds sing the sound of the sound, and the elephant rough sounds are low and the sound is low. Thick. The memory of a three -year -old child is gradually formed. They can remember the songs, mainly by the lyrics that are closely combined with the tune. Specific lyrics.

The instrumental music has a corresponding title, the music image is clear, and it can also help children remember. Such as: “Small Drum Band” simulation to advocate … Four or five -year -old children can appreciate works with extensive content and diverse nature and style, which can distinguish the music and speed changes in the music, which is particularly contrasting. But it is not possible to perceive the subtle changes of strength and speed.

★ At the age of six, children understand that music works are expressing some ideological content, and they can correctly identify the emotions of music works and perceive their subtleties.

Six -year -old children can initially grasp the means of music performance, and can identify speed and change of sound zone. They have strengthened the ability to identify the structure of the music, and they can feel difficult to perceive the second and third -stage structure. The six -year -old children’s memory ability has improved, and the aesthetic ability has also improved. It can clearly say that they like the music works that they don’t like or not. They can say: “I like” and “I don’t like”.

The level of music appreciation for different ages mentioned above refers to the level that must be achieved under the correct guidance of parents and teachers.

● Let ’s recommend some children’ s children’s favorite music works that children are acceptable to parents:

1. Fairy Tale Music Music

1. Tchaikovsky: “Track Fairy”

2. Shengsang: “Animal Carnival”

3. Provefisky: “Peter and Wolf”

4. Shi Zhenrong: “Turtle Rabbit Race”

2. The instrumental music written by musicians of various countries for children

1. Grig: “Butterfly”, “Bird”

2. Rimsky Kosakov “Wild Bee Flying”

3. Anderson: “Kitten Dance”, “Ski”, “Player”

4. Bi Cai: “Children’s Game Songs”, “Music -Drums”, “Lullays”

5. Debussy: “Toy Box”, “Moonlight Song”

6. Tchaikovsky: “Children’s Piano Song”: ①, morning; ②, bamboo horse game; ③, mothers ④, puppets perform songs; ⑤, dolls of dolls; ⑥, doll funerals; ⑦, new little dolls ; ⑧, Walz dance music; ⑨, Mazuka dance music; ⑩, Polka; ⑾, Italian small song, etc.

7. Beethoven: “Children’s Dream”, “Turkish Music”, “Dedicated to Alice”

8. Klazler: “Toy Moch”

9. John Strauss: “Tour Train Polka”

10. Haha Tuliang: “Rose Girl Dance”

11. Hendel: “Happy Blacksmith”

12. Brahms: Hungary Dance Music

13. He Green Ding: (China) “Fire Fire Fire”, “Party”, “Lullaby”

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14. Ding Shande: (China) “Children’s Songs”

15. Li Jinhui: (China) “Sparrows and Children”, “Grape Fairy” and other tracks are more popular, and they are suitable for children to listen, and they are also easily bought in the market. Let the beautiful music melt in the child’s life, the child will live a sweeter life!

(Intern editor: Lei Yuxuan)

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