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Children’s physical examination can not do conventional thoracic penetration

The Ministry of Health has announced the “Provisions on Radiation Diagnosis and Treatment”. The “Regulations” requires that nuclein appearance examinations and X -ray chest examination shall not be included in the regular examination items for infant and children’s physical examination; Women are not allowed to perform lower abdomen radiation images.

The “Regulations” emphasized that when radiological diagnosis and treatment staff conduct medical illumination of patients and subjects, they should inform patients and subjects in advance the impact of radiation on health, and shielded protection of sensitive organs and tissues adjacent to the neighboring irradiated wild. Medical institutions should analyze the advantages and disadvantages of different inspections before implementing radiological diagnosis and examination. Under the premise of ensuring the diagnostic effect, priority uses the diagnostic technology that has less impact on human health.

The “Regulations” proposes that the hospital shall not accept unnecessary repeated irradiation due to data management and inspectors referring to reasons; not allowed nuclear appearance examinations and X -ray chest examinations Conventional inspection items; before nuclein appearance examinations or X -ray examinations for women’s abdomen or pelvis, should be asked if they are pregnant; non -special needs, for childcare women who are 8 to 15 weeks after conception, they should try to use chest X -rays as much as possible as much as possible Photography instead of chest fluorescent perspective examination, and no lower abdomen radiation image examination shall be performed.

It is understood that some experts believe that if the child receives too much radiation without protection, it may affect development. However, there are still some parents and led their children to the hospital for chest threatening.

At present, the annual routine medical examinations of primary and secondary schools mainly include conventional examinations such as height, weight, vision, and lung volume. Generally, they do not do breastpasses. The chest threatening project before the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination is a must -check item, which is not a conventional examination.

The CT examination of the radiology department and the perspective of the chest will kill the normal cells of the human body. If the minor accepts X -ray irradiation multiple times in a short time, it will cause the body cells to be unable to make up.

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For children’s medical examinations, they generally have only five hepatitis B, liver merit, blood routine, electrocardiogram, limb development and other examinations. They do not have a hard requirement for the perspective of the chest. Essence

According to the Ministry of Health, the “Regulations” is to strengthen the management of radiation diagnosis and treatment, ensure medical quality and medical safety, and ensure the health rights of radiological diagnosis and treatment staff, patients and the public.

(Editor in charge: Tang Aifeng)

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