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Children’s rhinitis is a pediatric or otolaryngology

Children’s rhinitis is recommended to diagnose and treat otolaryngology.

Children’s rhinitis is relatively common. There are many clinical types. The more common is acute rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, and chronic rhinitis.After the consultation, you can do a nasopharyngeal mirror test. Blood testing. If it is caused by a allergic reaction, you need to do external allergen test. Through these auxiliary examinations, combined with the clinical experience of the doctor, you can generally clear the condition.In terms of treatment, if the degree of rhinitis is relatively mild, you can rinse the nasal cavity with physiological saline. After washing, the condition will gradually improve. If the degree of rhinitis is severe and the clinical symptoms are obvious, drug treatment is required. You can choose oral drugs.With nasal spray drug treatment, the treatment cycle is generally about a week.The treatment of infectious rhinitis should first be clarified and then anti -infective treatment should be performed.Allergic rhinitis should pay attention to stay away from allergens, and give anti -allergic drugs if necessary.Non -allergic and non -infectious rhinitis should be treated according to different causes.For patients with allergic rhinitis who have determined allergens, try to avoid contact or consumption.For example, pollen heat can reduce or migrate to other places in the pollen season.People who are allergic to animals and feathers should avoid contacting pets and birds.People who are allergic to fungi and indoor dust should keep the room ventilated and dry.The acute seizures of allergic rhinitis can be treated with antihistamine, glucocorticoids, and antibro -alkaline drugs, which can quickly control symptoms in a short time.

The prognosis of children’s rhinitis is mainly related to its specific types.For example, allergic rhinitis cannot be cured, and symptoms can be improved only through active treatment.The daily management of children with allergic rhinitis focuses on avoiding contact with allergens.Infectious rhinitis should pay attention to strengthening immunity and avoid cross -infection.Non -allergic non -infectious rhinitis should be taken to avoid various stimuli.If it is caused by drugs, the drug that causes rhinitis should be stopped.At the same time, it also helps children to develop good eating habits to prevent rhinitis from recurring.

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