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Children’s winter food “Dragon and Tiger List”

In the cold and dry winter, the delicate baby needs more sufficient nutritional guarantee to improve the body’s immune ability and resist the invasion of various diseases. So, which foods can meet the needs of children’s health?

The top of the list: rich in protein, carbohydrates and fat and food in winter, because of the cold climate, in order to enhance the cold resistance, our body will automatically increase the secretion of thyroxine and adrenaline to promote and accelerate the protein, fat, and carbohydrates of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Decompire, let the body emit more calories. Therefore, the body’s heat will be lost in winter, and the thermal energy in our diet needs to increase accordingly. To allow children to increase the staple food appropriately, in addition, eat more bean foods, as well as beef, chicken and fish, shrimp and other meat foods.

Second place: Foods rich in vitamins in winter, children are prone to diseases such as respiratory tract infections. If you can consume enough vitamins, it can effectively enhance the immune function of their bodies.

Some large roads in winter, such as cabbage, cabbage, radish, bean sprouts, rapeseed, spinach, lettuce, snow, etc., the vitamin content is relatively abundant. Parents should match reasonably and often change the color varieties, so that children’s nutrients in all aspects are sufficient.

If there is no abundant green leafy vegetables, you can eat more potatoes, potatoes and other potato foods. They are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin A. The red -hearted sweet potato also contains more carotene. Eat more potatoes, as well as clearing inner heat and de -plague poisoning. In addition, the liver of animals is rich in vitamin A, and children should eat more appropriately in winter.

Third place: Dietary fiber and dietary fiber can adjust the absorption and excretion of food to maintain smooth stool, which is very beneficial to the excretion of toxins in the body; in addition, dietary fiber also has the effect of controlling weight. Therefore, let children eat more rough grains such as corn, sorghum rice, soybeans, red beans and other beans, as well as vegetables such as spinach, celery, and other vegetables. They all contain more dietary fiber.

The fourth place: bacteria and mushrooms, monkey heads, white fungus and other fungus foods, as well as aquatic products such as kelp and seaweed, contain essential constants and trace elements, such as phosphorus and iodine, which helps increase children’s resistance, enhance the child’s resistance, enhance the enhancement Comprehensive quality of the body. In winter, children can eat more such foods.

Fifth place: Runyan food radish has a strong qi function, can also relieve cough and phlegm, moisturize the throat and clear throat, reduce qi and appetizers, remove dryness, and refresh and detoxify. As the saying goes, “Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not work doctors to prescribe medicine”, that is, radish has a good health function. There are a lot of patterns to eat radish. You can eat, cold, stir -fry, or soup.

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Winter melon tastes sweet and cool, has the effects of clearing heat and thirst and thirst, which can be used for cough and phlegm, boring mind, and so on.

In addition, mushrooms, bitter gourd, white fungus, etc. also have the effect of moisturizing.

(Editor in charge: Deng Qi)

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