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China has 4.06 million people a year with cancer!Reminder: These 4 kinds of food, you must hold your mouth if you love

In recent years, news reports have often reported that “a certain star died of cancer”, and many readers also left a message to ask questions, saying that relatives and friends around them also found cancer. Is there really more and more cancer? We use data to speak.



Earlier this year, the team of Academician He Jie, director of the National Cancer Center, published a report on cancer data in China. The report showed that in 2016, the number of cancers in my country was 4.06 million, and the total cause of the total cause of male men remained stable. Increased, the overall number of cancer was still rising.

According to the prediction of WHO IARC, in the next 50 years, the number of cancer patients worldwide will double to 34 million.

First, why are people so prone to cancer now?

We all know that many cancers are related to genetic, but the significant increase in cancer patients is not just for genetic causes.

1. Per capita age growth

The relationship between cancer and age is very close. Data show that most cancer patients are the elderly, and the risk of cancer for the elderly over the age of 70 is more than 100 times that of young people 20! With the acceleration of aging, the proportion of middle -aged and elderly patients continues to increase.

In addition, many cancer types have a trend of “younger”, such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, etc.

China has 4.06 million people a year with cancer!Reminder: These 4 kinds of food, you must hold your mouth if you love

2. Changes in living habits

Factors affecting cancer include immune defects, infection, ionizing radiation, environmental pollution, chronic inflammation, and bad living habits. Among them, bad living habits are becoming more and more common in modern life, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, lack of exercise, high -fat diet, etc.

A study published in Harvard University in “Gastrointestinal Diseases” shows that more than 50%of common gastrointestinal cancer in my country is related to smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, overweight, insufficient vegetables and fruits, unhealthy diets and other lifestyles. Pay attention to.

China has 4.06 million people a year with cancer!Reminder: These 4 kinds of food, you must hold your mouth if you love

3. Medical progress

With the improvement of the medical level, the medical services and statistical systems have become more and more complete, the diagnosis rate of cancer is high, and the awareness rate is high. In addition, the increased level of diagnosis has caused cancer to be found in the early days.

2. Starting from diet, these 4 kinds of foods in the supermarket should not be greedy

The above studies pointed out that if there is a bad diet and lifestyle and do not prevent it, it is expected that China will add 2.3 million patients with gastrointestinal tumors in 2031. The key measures to prevent digestive tract tumors are “controlling the mouth”. The following 4 types of foods can be taken in moderation.

1. Machining meat

Machining meat such as ham, sausages, bacon, and other carcinogens.

Studies have found that each person consumes 50g of processing meat per day, and the risk of colorectal cancer risks by 18%. The reason why processing meat is carcinogenic is related to nitrite. After entering the human body, nitrous salt can be combined with the binary amine of the protein to produce strong carcinogen nitrosamine.

However, we don’t need to completely reject processing meat. Occasionally, it is okay to eat it once or twice. It is recommended to buy it through regular channels. Preferential selection of low -fat, low -salt, and non -smoked roasting.

China has 4.06 million people a year with cancer!Reminder: These 4 kinds of food, you must hold your mouth if you love

2. All kinds of red meat

Red meat belongs to 2A carcinogens. Studies have found that too many red meat can increase the level of antibody in the body, cause inflammation, and increase the risk of cancer. In addition, the content of red meat is higher than white meat, while long -term intake of trans fatty acids is closely related to diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and cancer.

To eat meat healthy, you must first control the intake. Daily intake of poultry and livestock ingested 50-75g.

3. Chinese salted fish

Chinese -style salted fish is listed as a type of carcinogen. Popular diseases show that it is related to the higher incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer in South China. Studies believe that in the process of making Chinese salted fish, high concentration of salt will generate nitrosamine such as nitro dihamine.

Therefore, Chinese salted fish can only be eaten occasionally and eat as little as possible.

China has 4.06 million people a year with cancer!Reminder: These 4 kinds of food, you must hold your mouth if you love

4. Pickled food

Due to the particularity of the production process, pickled foods may contain a certain amount of nitrite or even nitrosamine. Taking kimchi as an example, if you want to reduce the risk of consumption, it is recommended to eat it after marinating for 1 month. At this time, the content of nitrite is significantly reduced.

In addition, pickled kimchi is best to choose rhizome vegetables such as carrots and radish, because leafy vegetables are more likely to produce nitrite.

How to detect cancer as soon as possible? Give you a way

Herje, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that early intervention is one of the important means to reduce the incidence and mortality of cancer. Various types of cancer have different screening methods. Xiaojiu made a brief summary to give you a reference.

Lung Cancer: Low -dose spiral CT (LDCT), high -risk people conduct screening once a year;

Gastric cancer: gastroscopy, pylori test, original testing of gastricinase, gastrin detection, etc., high -risk people should do gastroscopy once. It

Esophageal cancer: endoscopic examination, if there are abnormalities, do it once a year; if there is no abnormality, do it every 2 to 3 years since then;

Colorectal cancer: colonoscopy, feces diving blood detection, tumor logo inspection, and genetic testing. It is recommended to screen colorectal cancer at 40 to 75 years old;

Breast cancer: breast ultrasound and breast X -ray. It is recommended that high -risk people conduct breast ultrasound combined with breast X -ray examination; if it is a general risk population, you can only perform breast ultrasound examination;

Liver cancer: serum nail protein testing and abdominal ultrasound examination. High -risk groups of liver cancer should be detected once every six months, and the abdominal ultrasound examination should be performed; although the number and death of cancer are still on the rise, we don’t have to panic, we don’t have to panic, we don’t have to panic. As long as you raise awareness of prevention, take precautions, develop healthy living habits, and regular physical examinations, you can reduce the risk of cancer to a certain extent. Have you learned it?

China has 4.06 million people a year with cancer!Reminder: These 4 kinds of food, you must hold your mouth if you love

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