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Chinese doctor minimally invasive resection of 150g prostate cohabitation “elegant” “elegance”

This was two months ago, but its influence was constantly spreading in the international medical world.

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Germany’s “peeling oranges”, praise “elegance” together

On April 7, 2014, Flensburg, the northernmost city of Germany. Ferrenburg Hospital, University of Kir, Germany. A patient with prostatic hyperplasia is undergoing surgery. The scene is a bit special: the main doctor is a yellow skin, black hair, and a Chinese who is not tall. Many German urology experts standing beside him are full of curiosity and picky.

For this Chinese doctor, it is called an examination.

The patient’s prostate weight is 150g. Such a large -volume prostate often chooses to open surgery before a German doctor, but this time it is a minimally invasive new technique. I have not seen it on the spot.

Where is the new operation? Yesterday, the deputy chairman of the Chinese doctor, the deputy chairman of the urology science branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and Professor Xie Liping of the Department of Urology at the Department of Urology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, gave us a popular interpretation.

The name of the surgery is a bit stubborn, as long as 19 words, “the prostate 剜 cutting surgery of the prostate of the urethral and plasma buttons.” Xie Liping uses an orange for example. The orange petal is the hyperplasia. The new surgical method is to send the vertical buttons with vaporization to the lesion through the natural channel of the human body -urethra. The orange peel is separated from the orange petal. Because the vaporization process is closed all blood vessels, there is no significant bleeding in the separation process. After peeling, use the electrical cutting method to remove the hyperplasia.

Xie Liping reviewed that this time from the arrangement of the other party, there was indeed a test. He originally thought that it was enough to have an operation, but the other party provided three patients, and the normal human prostate was less than 20g. These three patients were 50g, 92.5g, and 150g, respectively, including the various types of prostate hyperplasia.

Unique and novel ideas, fine and pure operations left a deep impression on German counterparts. There is less bleeding during the operation, the postoperative recovery is fast, and the discharge of discharge was discharged in 2 days. All three operations were successful. German colleagues, which have always been rigorous and reserved, did not have enthusiasm. Evaluation was an elegant operation. Intersection

Professor Xie Liping’s surgery

Professor Xie Liping, Professor LOCH and patients on the first day after surgery

Foreign media publishing news

“Innovative cooperation”, friendship flowers bloom Shihezhou

On March 28 this year, President Xi Jinping arrived in Berlin and met with German Chancellor Merkel. He stated that he would continue to strengthen cooperation between the two countries and named Sino -German “innovative cooperation year” in 2015.

When he went to Germany this time, Xie Liping took the path of “innovation cooperation”. But at the same time, for Xie Liping, this trip to Germany is also a bit unusual. Because Kiri University is the alma mater he studied for a doctorate degree in medicine more than 20 years ago, and one of his teachers, Professor Hagen Bertermann, was at the scene.

The teacher was proud of having students like him: “Liping, 21 years ago, you were surprised as our best Chinese students that year; 21 years later, you became an outstanding urological surgical master and came to Germany to perform innovation The surgery still surprised me! “He rushed to the scene 150 kilometers.

This academic exchanges are full of friendship. On the operating table, Xie Liping also handled the doctors in the same stage to experience the new surgery. The successful academic exchanges this time, the social response is also very enthusiastic. North Germany TV and local newspapers made an interview with Professor Xie and detailed reports. my country Deputy Consul General in Hamburg comes to Welcome Xie Liping.

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There is also a special background here. Zhejiang Province and Shihe, Germany have long concluded friendly relations, and the two sides have launched extensive cooperation in the fields of economy, technology, culture, and health. In April 1986, Kiri University signed an agreement with the former Zhejiang Medical University. Every year, about 15 personnel at the school went to the university to study or study degree. Xie Liping said that he was the beneficiary of this cooperative project and obtained a doctorate in medical scores in Germany. During his studies, he also obtained a German physician license.

As one of the birthplaces of modern medicine, Germany implements a typical “elite” system for medical education. It has rigorous academic education, focusing on ability training, and cultivating many world -class best clinicians and medical educators. The University of Kir, Germany was built in 1665 and was also famous for its reputation. In the field of medical research, the development of Kill University on surgery and the development of pelvic examination have had a significant impact.

Xie Liping, a student of Kiri University, was invited to return to his alma mater to perform surgery this time, and he was highly affirmed by his German colleagues. This was an affirmation of the strength of Chinese urological doctors. Xie Liping said that he was able to go to the international medical scene boldly, and it was inseparable from the advocacy and strong support of Zheng Shusen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the president of the First Council of Zhejiang University. At the same time, it can also enable the outstanding medical achievements of the motherland to benefit the people of the world.

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