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Chinese medicine recommends four types of fat -eliminating medicines

How to effectively thin belly Chinese medicine recommend four kinds of fat -eliminating medicines. “There are more and more flesh on the stomach. What can I do? I also used a lot of weight loss methods, but the effect is not ideal!” White -collar women worked in front of the computer for a long time. more. Traditional Chinese medicine pointed out that eating foods that have the functions of dampness, water, phlegm, and qi can eliminate excess fat. The following editors introduce the four types of weight loss medicine recommended by Chinese medicine:

Crab meat roasted winter melon

Ingredients: 200 grams of winter melon, 45 grams of crab meat, salt, oil, rice wine, sugar, ginger, shallots, and water starch.

Method: Put the crab meat into the bowl and add a little soup, put onion and ginger slices, steam the cage for 20 minutes, cut the melon with 3 minutes thick slices, scald with boiling water and remove it for later use, pour the melon slices in the pan Add steamed crab meat after the fragrance, pour the soup in the bowl when steamed, add sugar, salt, and rice wine to taste, cook for 5 minutes, and thicken with water starch to eat.

Efficacy: Winter melon calories are low, which can remove excess fat and water in the body. With crab meat, it has the effect of weight loss and bodybuilding, suitable for patients with heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and obesity.

Bamboo shoots Tremella Soup

Ingredients: 20 grams of dried Tremella, 300 grams of bamboo shoots, 1 egg, an appropriate amount of salt, 1000 ml of water.

Method: Wash the bamboo shoots first, make the dry silver ear soaked with water, and the eggs are put into the bowl and stirred it into a paste; the water is boiled in the pot, pour the egg paste, add bamboo shoots, white fungus, boil for five minutes with low heat, season with salt, and then season with salt. Edible. Drink soup before lunch dinner, you can also eat it directly as a weight loss meal.

Efficacy: Bamboo bamboo shoots can remove dampness and water, which is the best food for eliminating abdominal wall fat. Tremella can moisturize the lungs and nourish.

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