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Chinese medicine teach you the method of natural hair care

With a bright and moist hair, it is the wish of every youth girl. The following introduces several simple and easy hair care methods, which can be used for your reference in daily life:

Tea and hair care

After washing your hair, rinse with tea can make your hair dark and soft.

Beer hair care

First wash your hair, dry it, and then evenly apply the beer to your hair, and rub the massage to penetrate the roots. After 10 minutes, wash with water, so that the hair is not only brighter, but also to prevent the hair from drying off and promoting the growth of the head.

Vinegar egg hair care

First add a little protein to the shampoo, mix well, shampoo, and gently massage the scalp. Then wash, adjust a small amount of vinegar with fresh egg yolk, make it fully mix, apply the shredded wire slowly, wrap it with a wet towel for 1 hour, and then wash it with water. This method is most suitable for dry and harder hair.

Onion mud hair care

First mix the green onion into mud, wrap it with gauze, and use it to light the scalp to make the round green onion evenly apply it on the scalp and hair. After a few hours, wash your hair so that you can eliminate the annoying dandruff.

Honey egg oil hair care

Use one spoonful of honey, a raw egg yolk, one spoonful of vegetable oil, two spoons of shampoo and appropriate amount of green onion juice, stir well, and apply it on the scalp. Put on a plastic film hat, and then keep wet towels on the hat. After one or two hours, wash your hair. If you persist once a day, after a period of time, you can relieve the symptoms of hair sparseness.

Grapefruit Nucle

Twent 25 grams of grapefruit, soak in water, dry it, apply its juice to the root of the hair. It can also be coated with ginger. It can treat bald hair, yellow hair, and accelerate the growth of the hair. The vinegar cares for 150 ml of vinegar, 1 kg of warm water, and stir well. Use this solution to wash your hair once a day to remove dandruff and itching, prevent hair loss, and effectively reduce hair splitting.

In addition, before the haircut blowing, spray some vinegar on the hair to make the hairstyle durability and make the hair soft and moist.

(Intern editor: Li He)

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