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Chinese medicine teaches you how to eat red beans to lose weight quickly

Eating red beans to detoxify more weight loss. Eat red beans to lose weight faster

Red beans weight loss recipe:

Material: 100 grams of red beans, 100 grams of mung beans, 30 grams of hawthorn, 6 grams of Longshan Chang Ginseng, 10 jujube

Method: Put all the ingredients in the pot, add 1000 ml of cold water, and fry until the beans are rotten. It is best to soak it with cold water for an hour before cooking red beans and mung beans, which will be easier to cook. After doing it, divide in two equal parts, while taking advantage of the hot, even the soup with beans and hawthorn, and a eat together. The other portion is wrapped in the refrigerator in the refrigerator. (If you do n’t have your taste, you can add a little honey). In fact, each consumption is only the amount of this half (that is, 50 grams of red beans, 50 grams of mung beans, 15 grams of hawthorn, 3 grams of Longshan Ginseng, 5 jujube), but I fry it every night for the sake of trouble. Two equal parts, one at night, and the other day to eat the next morning.

The principle of weight loss: red beans, mung beans are all sanctified products, and have the characteristics of high fiber and low fat. Hawthorn and spleen appetizer, eliminate food and reduce fat. Red dates and stomach qi nourishing blood and moisturizing. The shared by this side will help the maximum performance of various items. Longshan Changshan: It is mainly used as a physiological system with low stimulation function, which makes its physiological and biochemical reactions normal, and prevents the vicious circle caused by various reasons to achieve the purpose of detoxifying and nourishing.

Weight loss schedule:

First of all: drink a glass of white vinegar and honey water in the morning

The first thing after getting up every morning is to drink a cup of honey vinegar, which is to add a tablespoon of honey and 1/4 tablespoon of vinegar (preferably white vinegar) to 250 ml of warm water. Honey vinegar water can fully clean the gastrointestinal and intestines, accelerate the motility of the gastrointestinal and intestines, and eliminate the toxins in the body faster and more completely. Breakfast is the weight loss soup above.

Second: Do not eat any snacks in the morning

In the morning, you do n’t eat any snacks. If you are really hungry, or too much, you can drink a small cup of yogurt at about 10 o’clock. Note that you can only be yogurt or litter milk. All other temptations must be resolutely rejected. At the same time, ensure that you do not eat any snacks in the afternoon

Finally: Drink Double Bean Decoction Soup for Dinner

In the evening, I just eat the weight loss soup above, and guarantee that I have finished eating before 7 o’clock, and I will never eat anything before going to bed. In addition, don’t sit all day long, walk more and move.

Reminder: Many friends are a little bit stunned for lunch. In fact, diet control is required for any weight loss method, but how to control it is also particular. How to control depends on the effect you want to achieve, this can be flexibly grasped and arranged according to your actual situation, not absolute. In addition to yogurt, you can add some fruit or something. As long as it is not snacks and things that are not conducive to weight loss, you can eat some properly. Beauty is important, but health cannot be ignored.

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