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Chinese medicine to lose weight must first remove toxins

Eating Huoxiang for spleen and stomach detoxification

Huoxiang has a slightly warm nature, tastes, and enters the spleen, stomach, and lung meridians. Modern pharmacological studies have proved that Huoxiang contains volatile oil. The main ingredients in the oil are methyl pepperphenols and lemonine, which can promote gastric fluid secretion, enhance digestion, and smooth the body’s toxins from the intestine smoothly. “Materia Medica Justice” says that “fragrance but not fierce, wet but not biased to dryness, can eliminate the wetness and wetness of the shade, and help the spleen and stomach qi. The medicine of Jie “.

Tiantong moisturizing the lungs and falling fire

The winter is sweet and cold. Also known as Tianmen Dong, Dangdang Gate. Those who are dry are hard and crispy, soft and sticky, and sticky. It can nourish yin and lungs, relieve cough to eliminate phlegm, effectively help eliminate the toxins of the lungs, and at the same time can reduce fire and help excretion, treat tuberculosis, vomiting and vomiting blood, phlegm cough and asthma, diabetes, laryngitis, tonsillitis, feet fever, feet fever Pain, deficiency and bone steaming, yin deficiency and fire. Decoction, the dosage is generally 6 to 15 grams.

Angelica fried soup clearing the stomach

Angelica is sweet, Xin, warm, can moisturize the intestines, and is used for blood deficiency and intestinal dryness. After eating, it can enhance the gastrointestinal absorption function, promote metabolism, and facilitate the discharge of body waste. At the same time, it is gentle and moist, which is good for promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, which can maintain the normal circulation of body blood and help blood detoxification. Decoration, the dosage is generally 5 ~ 15 grams.

Promote the digestion of gentlemen

Make gentlemen, warm and sweet, spleen, stomach, and large intestine, with the effects of insecticidal, eliminating accumulation, and spleen. Its gentle temperature is a gentle and warm, which can help the diet of the diet, and the stagnation of the intestine is stagnant, and it is rich in liquid liquid. It is very effective to treat the gentleman -based treatment of children’s accumulation, indigestion, and loss of appetite. The method is to take 30 grams of gentlemen, 0.3 grams of peeled, Chenpi, and Chuanxiong. Soybean -sized pills, 2 children over 3 years old take 2, and one of them under 3 years of age will be served with rice soup.

Haisongzi moisturizing lungs to dry

Hairo is warm, sweet, and enters liver, lung, and large intestine. Hairo seeds contain fatty oils (about 74%, of which oil acid esters, linoleic acid lipids), protein, volatile oil, sugar, phosphorus, iron, calcium, etc. The main detoxification effect of Haisongzi is to remove the toxins of the lungs, which can nourish yin, moisturize the lungs, relieve cough, dispel wind and connect, disperse cold dehumidification, nourish blood nourishing liver, nourish yin and yang, and nourish qi and blood. Together with walnut meat, you can warm up the lung and kidney, moisturize, relieve cough, and reduce phlegm. The two flavors are combined with honey, nourishing the kidneys, moisturizing the lungs, and cough, which is suitable for the long -term sputum and asthma of the lung and kidney deficiency. The amount is generally 10 grams.

Always eat lotus seeds can meditate

Lotus seeds are sweet and astringent, which mainly acts in heart, spleen, and kidneys. It can nourish the heart and nourish the kidneys, inhibit myocardial contraction, slow down the heart rate, expand coronary artery, relax blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, nourish spleen astringent intestines, and anti -aging aging The role of extending life. When the lotus seeds are therapy for health medicine, they generally do not abandon the heart of the lotus seeds. The detox elements of lotus seeds also mainly come from lotus seeds. The amount is generally 6 ~ 12 grams.

Body cold with red juber detoxification

Jujube is attributed to qi medicine, which has the effects of moisturizing the heart and lungs, cough, supplementing the five internal organs, and treating deficiency. People with gastrointestinal tract function or poor digestion and absorption are very suitable for eating red dates often to improve the condition, gain physical strength, and help restore the normal detoxification of the stomach and intestines. High sugar content of red dates can produce a lot of calories. People with cold body can change the current status of cold constitution.

The rotic acid gland can expand the coronary arteries and enhance myocardial contraction. The content of vitamin C in red dates is also very high, and it also contains nutrients such as hawthorn acid. Studies have confirmed that these substances have the effect of inhibiting cancer, that is, red dates have a good effect of preventing cancer. The amount of one time is generally 15 capsules.

Low -fat, skimmed, high -calcium milk or yogurt are rich in calcium, which is the first choice for weight loss. Dr. Michael B. ZEMEL at the University of Tennessee University of Nutrition, said, “Only when you have enough calcium in your body, you can quickly burn fat.” He analyzed that when the calcium content in the body is low It can promote the production and storage of fat. The calcium intake of dairy products is twice as high as calcium intake through other channels, because milk contains amino acids that promote muscle growth.

Under normal circumstances, 1/3 of the weight loss is muscle, and amino acids help muscle production. After eating dairy products, you can reduce fat instead of muscle. Compared with simply reduced calorie intake, you can lose twice the weight and fat.

The test effect was a obese friend who couldn’t stick to it after trying for 3 days. The main reason was that she drank a cup of yogurt before each eating, and her stomach was discomfort. Doctors suggest that weight loss methods also vary from person to person. Those with gastrointestinal discomfort should carefully test eating weight loss methods.

(Editor in charge: Xu Beibei)

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