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Chinese medicine weight loss pills allow you to enjoy thin food

Weight loss and medicinal diet are not only a simple match on ordinary food, but more importantly, guided by traditional Chinese medicine theory, and the drugs that promote weight loss with low -calorie sweet food ingredients, make delicious diets.

1. Ancient French glutinous rice


Red beans, coix seeds, glutinous rice, chea seeds, cucumber diced. Methods Wash the red beans and coix seeds with water and put them in the pot for 20 minutes, then put a little glutinous rice and Kaiga seeds with water and steam it. After the pot is sprinkled with cucumber, it can be eaten.

2. Strange flavor kelp


Kelp, red beans, radishes, hawthorn, and sweet chrysein powder.


Boil the kelp with water for 24 hours (replace the water twice in the middle), and then drain it after washing. Boil the red beans, radish, hawthorn water and sweet leaf glycoside for 30 minutes. The kelp is dry until the juice is dry, the kelp is crispy, and it is dried up to dry. Weight loss

3. Octopus mung bean pot brewing lotus root


Dried octopus 1, peeled mung bean about 3, one and a half pounds of lotus root, two small pieces of pork bone, and moderate salt oil.


1. Wash and peel the lotus root, soak the peeling mung beans slightly, and then soak the octopus for 60-90 minutes to dress. Cook a little bit of pork bone, filter water for later use

2. Cut the ends of the lotus root, stuff the peeling mung beans into the lotus root holes, and then put the cut one end back in situ, and fix it with a toothpick to prevent the loss of mung beans

3. Put the previously processed raw materials and cook for 60 to 80 minutes. Cook and season with salt and monosodium glutamate.

Effective lungs and cough, appetizing and eliminating food, can remove intestinal dirt, stimulate intestinal wall peristalsis, and have weight loss effects.


When buying lotus root, choose the thick one end of the lotus root (commonly known as the big melon). This end is pink and fleshy. When the lotus root is plugged in the mung beans, it is full of the principle of fullness, but do not stuff it, because the mung beans expand the water, too much will force the lotus root, and the dishes will become messy. Use weight loss medication to lose weight. You can also enjoy food while slimming. MMs should not miss it.

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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