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Choose a paddish cover 1 tip to keep in mind!Men wearing condoms are too tight and easy to cause impotence

Using condoms during sexual life can not only effectively contraception, but also reduce the risk of infectious sex diseases. However, many people pay more attention to the brand, styles and other additional functions when buying condoms, and ignore different sizes of penile thickness. The condoms should be worn in number. Many men have suffered fromrial diseases.

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Men should not be too tight wearing condoms

The doctor pointed out that in addition to the unsuitable condom, in addition to the discomfort and reduction of the contraceptive function, it may also cause the penile tissue to be created, causing impotence and no consequences. Too tight condoms may induce sexual dysfunction, while too loose condoms are invalid contraceptive prevention.

How to choose a condom

At present, there are three types of condoms sold in the market in the market. The large diameter is 35 mm, the medium -sized diameter is 33 mm and the small diameter is 31 mm. In most cases, the most suitable size of men in my country is medium.

However, it is clinically seen that some men use too tight condoms, which blocked the blood circulation of the penis, causing tissue and nerve hypoxia in the penis, partial injury of the sponge body, and may even occur in weakness and unlike the penis. And some people buy too large condoms, which can easily lead to falling off, semen outflow, and reducing contraceptive effects.

Therefore, when men choose a condom, it is best to test the diameter of the penis first, including the harmonious erection in the weak state.

How to measure the penis

When measuring the penis, lift the penis with your hands, and use one end of the hard ruler to hold the head of the pubic bone, and the other end is based on the outer mouth of the glans’s urethra. This is the length of the penis. During an erection, the fine line is used around the middle of the penis after sufficient erection, and the length of the measuring line, that is, the penile is long, and then divide the diameter of the penis. This result is closest to the actual data.

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In addition to buying condoms based on the size of the penis, it is also recommended that men best buy a small packaging and new factory condoms. On the one hand, it can ensure that it is used as soon as possible during the shelf life to avoid excessive absorption by the latex by the lubricant. On the other hand, if you are uncomfortable, you can give up without having, and the loss is not great.

Warm reminder, a condom with fragrance has the risk of inducing vaginitis for women. Please choose carefully when buying condoms.

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