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Choose the elderly in summer, suitable for cloth shoes, be cautious

After the beginning of summer, the temperature gradually increases, and the human body sweating will increase. For foot health, breathability and sweat absorption are particularly important. Choosing a pair of soft and comfortable cloth shoes and walking out outdoors is the first choice for raw feet at this time.

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are three meridians began to move from the foot to the abdomen (spleen, liver meridian, and kidney meridian); and 3 meridians began to move from the head to the feet (bladder meridians, bile meridians, stomach meridians). In addition, there are 30 acupuncture points below the ankle, most of them are important acupuncture points in the scope of attendance. The elderly may have some discomfort due to the characteristics of the foot of the foot, bone wear, thickening of the bottom skin, and the peripheral nerves. The ministry is discomfort, and the cloth shoes can exert its advantages.

However, it should be noted that due to the degeneration of muscles and ligaments of the elderly, the elasticity of the arch of the arch has caused a great decrease in weight -bearing capacity. When standing or walking, the foot, ankle, knees, hip, and waist pain will occur. Although wearing flat -bottomed shoes, although lightweight, it is not conducive to loading or walking, especially the reduction of seismic resistance, which is more likely to cause various damage and strain in the feet.

It is recommended to choose cloth shoes with a heel of 1.5-2 cm high, which can limit excessive directional rotation, enhance stability, and help maintain the arch of the elderly. It is more beneficial to the standing and walking of the elderly. Moreover, increasing heels also have a very obvious effect on reducing foot pain.

The first problem with the appropriate cloth shoes is to heel. The cloth shoes generally cross the loose, so the size should not be too large; secondly, the shoe mouth cannot be too tight, and the common “old man’s shoes” shoe mouth is very tight, which may hinder blood circulation.


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