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Chronic pain troubles hundreds of millions of people to treat pain as a disease

The feeling of pain has almost everyone. Data show that the average incidence of chronic pain in global adults is about 30%, which also means that 3 of each 10 adults are troubled by chronic pain. It is a serious disease that causes harm to people’s body and mind, and continues to decline in quality of life.

Chronic pain troubles hundreds of millions of people

Although there are no relevant epidemiological surveys in my country, the patients with chronic pain are as many as a considerable number of patients, and patients with chronic pain in bone arthritis are as high as 100 million. Chronic pain in neuropathological. If it is calculated based on the incidence of about 8%of adults abroad, there are at least 89 million patients in my country.

In China, since trying pain outpatient treatment in 1989, I have seen too many patients who have been troubled by pain. They told me that the unbearable torture caused by pain and changes in life. Some people roll over the ground and hit the wall with their heads; some people have to endure 2 to 3 pains every hour; some people can only lie on the bed and cannot go down the ground; some people can’t sleep all night … Pain allows it The quality of life was seriously affected and felt hopeless. The coexistence is that many people’s awareness of chronic pain needs to be improved, and my country’s pain science also needs to be further developed.

If it hurts for more than 1 month, it is still chronic pain. Many people think that pain is a complication caused by disease. It will definitely hurt if it is sick. This understanding has great limitations. In fact, modern pain medical research has found that chronic pain that lasts more than 1 month will cause changes in human system dysfunction, reduced immunity resistance, and plant nerve disorders. In severe cases, it can also lead to “centralization”,

That is to say, “the brain hurts the brain”, even if there is no external irritation, the brain has pain memory, which will feel painful, or decreases pain resistance.

In recent years, the mainstream medical community at home and abroad has always called for chronic pain in itself a disease that needs to be treated in time. It can be caused by other diseases, independent or coexistence of primary disease. For example, cancer pain, many patients have more painful pain after cancer cure. This may be because cancer is like a trigger. It “deducts” the pain switch, causing new pain.

These pains are the most tortured people

There are many types of pain and different performance. However, in general, chronic pain can be divided into three categories, and they are just the most tortured.

Cerms, shoulders, waist and leg pain. This is the most common pain, including osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, low back pain, etc. Bone arthritis torture middle -aged and elderly people, which is often caused by strain and degeneration. Data show that the incidence of people over the age of 65 is 60%to 70%, and the incidence of people over 70 years old is as high as 70%to 80%. There are about 100 million patients with orthopedic arthritis in my country. Young people are often troubled by cervical spondylosis and shoulder periarthritis.

Neurological pain. This is almost the most unbearable pain. “The pain of heartbreaking lungs, knife cutting, painful old people’s lips, shaking, teeth bite” is a netizen’s description of his grandmother’s schizure of herpes zoster. Neurological pain, including trigeminal neuralgia, known as “the first pain in the world”, and “painful” zosterine, neuralgia, sciatica, and peripheral neuropathy peripheral of diabetes. It refers to the damage of the body sensory nervous system and the pain directly caused by the disease. It may be spontaneous pain for no reason. “Subjoin” that can’t stand it. Neuropathological pain is not simply painful. Its impact on life is often multi -dimensional. Many people do n’t sleep well, and are anxious and depressed.

Cancer pain. Cancer is a common disease. Data show that about 1/4 of the new cancer patients are accompanied by cancer pain, and 75%of the end -stage cancer patients will be tortured by cancer pain, but only 30%to 40%of cancer patients in my country will Obtain formal anti -painstick treatment. At present, “anti -cancer”+”pain resistance” has become the mainstream of the international tumor treatment community. Studies have found that this can improve the quality of survival of patients and make cancer patients go farther and better.

Three misunderstandings are the most common

In the outpatient clinic, I found that many patients have misunderstandings about pain. The following three are the most common:

Strong pain. “Nental” is a way for many people to deal with pain, even if they can’t sleep well and sweat. But the idea of ​​”it will hurt if you have a disease, and it will not hurt when you get sick.” The idea should be eliminated. Acute pain is symptoms, and most of the diseases will disappear when pain. Chronic pain itself is a disease. It is necessary to treat it in a timely manner in order to achieve good results.

Anti -pain. Data show that hundreds of thousands of people in the United States lose their lives due to abuse of painkillers. If it is only occasional toothache, stomach pain, no related diseases, and some painkillers have little to do, but if you don’t see it, you should go to the hospital in time. As long as it is a disease, such as gastritis and gastric ulcers, even if it is occasionally pain, painkillers should be taken under the guidance of the doctor. Clinically, there are patients with gastric bleeding due to toothache and painkillers. There are also some patients who use physical therapy and hot compresses to relieve pain. If you can persist effective, if you still do not work for several weeks, you should change the treatment method as soon as possible.

Governance is also invalid. If time goes back to thirty or forty years ago, in the face of pain, many times the medicine is really weak. But now, professional pain doctors already have many “weapons” to eliminate pain. At present, there are hundreds of thousands of kinds of painkillers, and the pain doctors have fingers about their indications and contraindications, which can find the most beneficiated and smallest drug for patients; the advancement of minimally invasive intervention technology brings excellence to pain treatment to the treatment of pain treatment. Efficacy. Taking spine joint disease as an example, there are many methods such as selective nerve block, neuroplastic radio frequency, ductive laparoscopy and intervertebral pores. Through comprehensive treatment, it can generally relieve or even cure pain to a large extent. Treatment of pain as a disease

Pain, after breathing, pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature, it has been included in the “fifth largest life signs”. When breathing, high blood pressure, and fever, we often pay great attention, showing strong endurance to pain. In the face of pain, everyone must remember the following points.

5 Types can consider the pain department. If it is acute and severe pain, you should go to the relevant departments as soon as possible, such as chest pain to the cardiac department, abdominal pain to the digestive department. If it is chronic pain that hurts more than 1 month, you can choose to go to the pain department for diagnosis and treatment, mainly including the following 5 categories: 1. Cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, disc herniation, tennis elbow heathitis, etc. 2. Various neuralgia. Such as trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, intercostal neuralgia, residual limb pain, phantom limb pain, etc.; 3. Pain due to unknown causes; 4. Cancer pain can perform analgesic treatment during cancer treatment or after completion; 5 Pain caused by blood vessels and pipe spasm embolism.

Learn to say pain. When describing pain, you must tell the doctor in detail: How long have I hurt? How long will it hurt? What is the pain method, is acupuncture, knife cutting, tearing, burning, or painful pain? Under what circumstances, pain will increase or relieve? Is there any other discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, etc. in pain? The more accurate the pain is described as the doctor’s problem.

Don’t drag the acute pain into slow pain. Pain is not forbearing to pass. We will not become more skinny because of the pain, but we will only become more “fragile” and become more and more painful. Pain must be treated in time. Do not drag acute pain into slow pain and simple pain into complex pain.

Multi -activity can prevent pain. The adjustment of lifestyles does not have much effect on neuropathological pain and cancer pain, but it has a certain prevention effect on the most common neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain. Everyone should avoid sitting for a long time to develop the habit of regular exercise, prevent cervical spondylosis, periarthitis, low back pain, etc. In autumn and winter, patients with osteoarthritis need to pay attention to warmth. And under the guidance of a specialist, develop a healthier lifestyle.

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