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Climate change in the late summer and early autumn, dysmenorrhea, more moxa ginger bubble feet can be relieved

Dysmenorrhea is a nightmare of a woman. In the past few days, it is like a life -threatening symbol. Many people even have severe lower abdomen pain before the menstrual period, and the pain will even spread to the lumbosacral region, thighs and feet.

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Many women did not take the dysmenorrhea seriously, and they passed on, and they did not pay attention to the treatment during menstruation. In the end, they would leave the root cause! The root cause of dysmenorrhea is that the menstrual blood is poor, and the blood circulation blockage causes the pain to intensify.

Summer passes in the past and autumn, the day is hot and cold, and there are more rain. Many women have not changed their summer skirts and are prone to cold. Especially white -collar women in the sedentary office, in the air -conditioned room for a long time, and eating cold drinks and cold foods, the most likely causes dysmenorrhea.

If there are symptoms such as poor appetite and back pain during menstruation, diet should be adopted with nutrients, spleen appetizers, and digestible foods, such as jujube, noodles, coix seed porridge, etc. In order to maintain nutritional balance, fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed at the same time. Food is mainly fresh, not only delicious, easy to absorb, but also less nutritional destruction.

Ai leaf ginger bubble feet can relieve dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is a long -term hidden health hazard that needs to take care of the body in each menstrual period and daily life. Chinese medicine foot bath is suitable for all women with different ages and constitutions, and developing a foot bath habit in autumn may have unexpected effects.

Ginger Xinwen has the effect of removing cold and relieving the table, which can stimulate the fine blood vessels, improve local blood circulation and metabolism; wormwood is warm, has the effects of returning to yang, regulating qi and blood, wet and cold, and hemostasis. Before going to bed in autumn, let’s have a wormwood ginger foot bath:

Take 30 grams of Ai leaves, 100 grams of ginger, 100 ml of liquor. Wash the wormwood leaves and ginger, cut the ginger into thick slices, put it in the pot, add the amount of water, cook for 30 minutes, remove the juice, put it in the pot, pour it into the white wine, and soak it.

The temperature of the fumigation water should be around 90 ° C, but to prevent burns, when the temperature of the water drops to about 40 ° C, then immerse your feet in the water.

The potion should be soaked to the ankle joints, and the feet are soaked at the foot of the feet, the toe, and the heel. Once every night, 20-30 minutes each time. Boomed in 7 days before menstruation and ended by menstruation. This prescription has the effect of warming and dispersing cold, promoting blood circulation and analgesics.

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