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In today’s life, people are more and more affected by color, and home design is very particular about the combination of color and color. Some people have proposed that the formation of children’s personality is also affected by the color of the living environment, and some colors can stimulate people’s appetite. Does color really have such a great impact on people’s psychological emotions? Why are people affected by color?

Color affects emotions

Color affects nerves and emotions

People’s personal experience shows that color has an important impact on people’s psychological activities, especially with emotions very closely.

There are various colors that affect people’s psychology and emotions in various fields such as our daily life, entertainment activities, military activities, etc. All kinds of people: ancient rulers, modern entrepreneurs, artists, advertisers, etc. are consciously applying colors to influence and control people’s psychology and emotions. People’s clothing, food, living, and behavior do not reflect the application of colors all the time: putting on the summer lake and blue clothes will make people feel cool. People adjust the meat into sauce red and will have more appetite. The reason why color can affect the mental state and mind of people is that the color comes from the innate colors of nature.

Psychologists believe that the first feeling of man is vision, and the most impact on vision is color. The reason why human behavior is affected by color is that people’s behavior is often dominated by emotions. The reason why the color can affect the mental state and mind of people is that the color comes from the innate colors of nature, the blue sky, the bright red blood, and the golden sun … Seeing these colors that are as good as nature, Naturally, it will think of the sensory experience related to these natural things, which is the most primitive impact. This may also be the reason why people of different regions, different countries and nations, and different personalities have a common experience experience.

For example, red usually brings these feelings: excitement, enthusiasm, positive, unrestrained and powerful, as well as solemn, solemn, joy and happiness, and so on. Green is the color of grassland and forests in nature. It has the meaning of life permanent, ideal, young, safe, fresh, and peaceful, giving people a sense of coolness. Blue makes people feel long, quiet, empty, and so on.

With the development of society, there are more and more substances that affect people’s feelings of colors, and people’s feelings of colors are becoming more and more complicated. For example, for the green experience experience, the feeling of the “Cultural Revolution” is different from those who have not experienced.

Color can affect human psychology and physiology

Scientific research on the relationship between color and human psychological emotions found that color affects people’s psychology and physiology.

Studies from foreign scientists have found that under the irradiation of red light, people’s brain waves and skin electrical activities will change. Under the red light, people’s hearing feelings decrease and increase their grip. The same object looks bigger in the red light than in the blue light. People who work in red light respond faster than ordinary workers, but work efficiency is low.

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