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Common diseases that can be found during children’s physical examination

Most children’s obesity is caused by excess nutrition and lack of exercise. Prevention of obesity should start from childhood. Generally speaking, children with obese tendencies should be controlled at 5040 to 6,300 kiloco, including 200-250 grams of staple foods, 500 grams of vegetables, 150 grams of lean meat, and 250 grams of milk. This can ensure nutrition without affecting the normal growth and development of children. In addition to paying attention to a reasonable diet, children must also encourage children to participate in various sports activities to consume excess calories in the body.

1. Cardiovascular disease

Most of these diseases are caused by obesity. Most parents believe that suffering from such diseases is a patent for middle -aged and elderly people. In fact, otherwise, there are already data that about 20%of obese children suffer from such adult diseases. Therefore, restricting diet and exercise is the key to prevent cardiovascular disease.

2. Dental caries

In my country, about 77%of 5 -year -old children have dental caries, while 70%of developed countries (especially Nordic countries) have no dental caries. Therefore, in the children’s physical examination at least twice a year, oral examination is essential.

3. Anemia

At present, there are about 2 billion people in the world with anemia, of which more than 70%are children. In my country, the incidence of anemia for 7 -year -old children is 42.1%and the girl is 44.8%. Although the living standards are constantly increasing, the number of “fat people” increases, their diet structure is mostly unqualified, and they are inclined to high -fat, high sugar, and lack of iron -containing foods. If the child has decreased appetite, irritability, crying, weight loss, delayed development, decreased IQ, memory and learning ability, etc., you need to take him to physical examination to see if anemia.

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4. Psychological problems

This is one of the most common diseases that harm children’s physical and mental health. About hundreds of thousands of children each year have embarked on the path of crime and suicide, and more suffering from depression. Most of the children’s psychological problems have existed since childhood, but due to the negligence of parents. The best way to prevent is to take the child to see the psychologist regularly to avoid heavy accumulation.

(Editor in charge: Tang Aifeng)

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