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Contraceptive pills are invalid?Or antibiotic drugs are strange

When contraceptives and antibiotics enter the body at the same time, it will inevitably inhibit the activity of bacteria in the intestine, reduce the normal activity of bacteria, and the secretion of hydrolyzed enzymes will naturally decrease. As a result, the concentration of steroid hormone in the blood decreased, so the effect of contraceptive drugs was difficult to play normally, which easily caused contraception to fail.

After getting sick, you need to use medicine, and you cannot cure disease because of contraception. So how to solve this problem?

The first is to ask the doctor first to explain the situation of taking contraceptives in detail, including which medicine, the time for taking medicine, and so on. Then under the guidance of the doctor, choose the appropriate therapeutic drugs and methods of taking. Do not do it yourself to advocate taking antibiotic drugs to avoid failure to cause contraception failure.

The second is that the “time difference” can be used in the time of taking the medicine. Do not take contraceptives and antibiotics at the same time. In this way, the two drugs can play a role in alternating to avoid mutual impact.

Third, during the treatment of antibiotic drugs for illness, it is best to avoid sexual life. Even if sexual life is vigilant, you should think of the contraceptive effect of contraceptives. You can temporarily take some contraceptive measures to prevent unexpected conception.

39 Health Network Editor reminded women that women should also pay attention to the use of other drugs while taking contraceptives to avoid adverse reactions.

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