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Conventional Sports Five Tabies to abandon the inspection items at will

The physical examination is for your own health. If you do not notice the taboos of some conventional medical examinations, it is likely that your physical examination is done in vain. This will make people unacceptable. Now it will be explained in detail:

Conventional physical examination taboos to abandon the inspection items at will

The inspection items set in the medical examination form have both basic projects that reflect the health status, but also include special examination items for malignant diseases and common diseases. Some examinations have special significance for early detection of the disease. For example, anal diagnosis examination is particularly important for the discovery of the rectal mass over 40 years of age. Some inspectors will automatically abandon the inspection because they are afraid of trouble or shyness. If the subject is really lesions, they will lose the best time to treat.

Conventional physical examination taboo two ignore important medical history statements

The medical history, especially the important history of the disease, is an important reference basis for the medical examination doctor to determine the health status of the subject. Some examiners set a psychology of “assessment” the level of medical examination doctors. They believed that the disease could only be found out, and they could not be spoken. They did not know that the result of this was often contrary to their wishes. For example, before treatment guidance for patients with hypertension, key issues such as the onset time, treatment process, and medication of hypertension diseases must be made in order to propose further treatment opinions. Therefore, the statement of medical history must strive to be objective and accurate, and important diseases are indispensable.

Conventional physical examination taboo three blood collection time is too late

The physical examination test requires the empty abdominal blood at 7: 30-8: 30 in the morning, and should not exceed 9:00 at the latest. Toogate will distort blood sugar value due to the influence of physiological endocrine hormones in the body. Therefore, the subject should collect blood as soon as possible, and do not make it easy.

Routine physical examination taboo tetramidal stopping the medicine before the tetra

Blood collection requires an empty stomach, but it should be treated differently for patients with chronic diseases. For example, patients with hypertension take the antihypertensive drug every morning, which is necessary to keep blood pressure stabilizing. Suspeling or delaying medication will cause blood pressure to rise sharply and danger. After the blood pressure is measured according to the regular administration, the medical examination doctor can also evaluate the current antihypertensive plan, so patients with hypertension should come to the medical examination after taking the pressure reduction medicine. Patients with diabetes or other chronic diseases should also take the medicine in time after blood collection, and do not interfere with conventional treatment due to physical examination.

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Conventional physical examination taboo five lightweight medical examination conclusions

The conclusion of the medical examination is the sum of the health status of the inspector. The doctor is based on the results of the physical examination of various subjects and the health prescriptions of the inspector. Essence Some inspectors attach more attention to the medical examination, but ignore the conclusion of the medical examination. They do not read and implement it carefully, making the health checkup lose meaning.

(Intern editor: Tan Yong)

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