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Cook the delicious Sichuan dishes with Japanese ingredients

Japanese cuisine and Sichuan cuisine are popular in Beijing. The new taste of the two cross -border can be regarded as a cross -border improvement.

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The dishes made of Sichuan cuisine are selected. The dishes made by the cooking method of Sichuan cuisine not only retaining the original spicy Sichuan cuisine, but also the fresh ingredients to balance the taste, interpreting a unique new taste.

For example, the famous Xinpai Sichuan vegetable chopped pepper fish head is very representative. Although the traditional chopped pepperfish head comes from Hunan, it has learned from the pickled pepper of Hunan cuisine.Chopped pepper does not care about its source, but more importantly to maintain the original flavor type, and improve the raw materials, making people thriving.The small fried eel uses the famous millet pepper, making coolness feel from the mouth to the stomach.

The chopped pepper salmon head must be the first attempt. Choose a good salmon head, and use the traditional multi -education method of Sichuan. The salmon head is very large, and the chopped pepper accessories are sufficient., So the fish head made of fish head is fresher.

The most popular in the Japanese food must be grilled eel.This dish is made of star eel and made with fresh millet peppers.

Use good oolong tea to fry, and then mixed with the salamander of the sand line.The shrimp skin is crispy and crispy, and the oolong tea is crispy.

Seeing the name of the dishes is full of creativity. This is a cold dish made of iron -containing spinach. The green spinach is neatly coded, in the pastoral like a watchman, and the matching hemp sauce is like mud, giving people a kind of pastoral freshnessbreath.

(Intern editor: Zhu Yanmei)

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