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Cool summer men are careful of “fever” in private parts

Men’s foreskin is covered with the outside of the glans and has a protective function. The inner mucosa of the foreskin can secrete liquid lubricating puzzle so that the foreskin and glans are not too dry. Once there is a problem with the foreskin itself, the glans may be affected in addition to the foreskin, causing acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute or acute. Chronic foreskin glans, the most common of which is foreskin balanitis.

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The main function of the penis is urination, semen, and sexual intercourse. It is the main organ of sexual behavior. The penile skin is extremely thin, there is no fat under the skin, and it is mobilized and stretched. The blood sinus of the penis sponge can be attached to the blood.

As the name suggests, “foreskin balanitis” means that the inflammatory reactions occur in the foreskin and the glans, which causes the age of inflammation to the age. Most of the bacteria in urine, the release of the bacteria in the feces, and the majority of the foreskin of high temperature, humidity, and infants and young children are too long. Bacteria, urine, foreskin, too long foreskin can cause redness and swelling of the foreskin glans under these three effects, and the foreskin glans can cause redness and swelling. Hot pain.

In addition to being too long in the foreskin, adult foreskin balanitis is also an important factor in exposure to certain chemicals and trauma. In short, the stimulation of foreskin and urine, some chemicals, contact and friction and trauma of clothing are important factor that constitutes foreskin balanitis.

Foreskin balanitis can be divided into four major categories: external trauma, contact, drug nature, and infection. As far as external injuries are concerned, most of them are injured because of trauma, zipper clamping, and sexual intercourse. Red swelling and pain, if the parasitic is caught by the penis, it will feel itching. The exposure foreskin inflammation is mainly caused by the use of local sterilizers or ointment drugs.

The foreskin balanitis caused by the drug often has itching and burning sensation, and the parts that cause infection are not as large as the infected foreskin balanitis, but a single or small piece of a very shallow script, and the boundaries are obvious. The most important thing is to take a certain medicine first, the most common of which causes this inflammation is tetracycline.

Syphilis also causes balanitis, but it usually appears white fusion surface on the glans after the lower sink and the glans will appear edema. The object is not the same. If it is suspected to be caused by syphilis spiral bodies, it can be used for blood tests to check the syphilis serum response and condensate test to distinguish the syphilis or general bacteria or other infectious foreskin balanitis.

The causes of children and adults cause different causes of foreskin balanitis, but the principles of preventing health care are the same. They should wear loose pants on weekdays to maintain local cleaning and hygiene. Children with too long foreskin should open the foreskin when bathing. Retreat, then remove the foreskin dirt. The foreskin and glans are also rinsed gently. When encountering repeated foreskin glans infection, you should consider accepting the foreskin ring.

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Adults should avoid unclean sexual intercourse, inappropriate sexual behavior, and have allergic constitution, especially tetracycline or certain sulfa drugs, which may cause the doctor in advance when allergic foreskin balanitis. Taking good care of it may cause endless trouble. It is not difficult to treat inflammation. Correct cognition, take good care of health care work and seek medical treatment early in order to make birds not fever and life.

In short, the division and development of the penis depends on the testosterone level in the body. If the testosterone secretion is insufficient during the 6-9 months of pregnancy, the penis development is lower than the normal rate, and the penis is smaller at birth.

(Intern editor: Chen Zhanli)

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