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Correct children’s picky food and partial eclipse habits

How to correct children’s picky food and partial food habits?

Correcting children’s picky food and partial eclipse is a process of cultivating a good meal habit.

(1) The reason for finding the child’s picky and partial eclipse is the influence of parents or the disagreement of meals.

(2) Eat less sweet and greasy foods, especially do not let children eat sweets before meals.

(3) Cultivate children’s habit of eating less or not snacks, or eating a small amount of snacks at a prescribed time.

(4) Children’s imitation ability is very strong. For example, children do not like to eat certain foods, but they are nutritious and need to eat food. Parents should take the lead. This way the child will follow.

(5) Children like to listen to stories and do games. Parents can use storytelling and game methods to talk about the benefits of eating various foods, and partial eclipse to the harm of the body.

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(6) Usually take children to outdoor activities, do not urge when eating, do not blame the child. Always maintain a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, so that children can maintain good appetite.

(7) If a child picks eaters, partial eclipse or malnutrition due to long -term partial eclipse or picky eaters, children should go to the hospital for treatment.

(Intern editor: Lu Ruiqiong)

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