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Cough drug addiction is critical

“Children’s abuse cough drugs have become one of the most attention in the problem of drug abuse.” On June 25, at the press conference held by the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the State Drug Administration), a press conference While publishing the “2009 Drug Abuse Monitoring Report”, Ren Yan Jiangying emphasized that the control of cough drug abuse has become one of the current key tasks and has attracted great attention from relevant departments.

Yan Jiangying first introduced that monitoring data showed that in 2009, the annual growth rate of drug abuse continued to decline and the trend slowed down. Among them, heroin’s abuse of popular trends has been further curbed, and the abuse of piopymine (methamphetamine) is severe, and the degree of abuse of medical anesthesia drugs and psychiatric drugs controlled by the state is low. “The abuse of some unbound prescription medicines and non -prescription drugs is the main component of the current problem of drug abuse, and it is more worthy of attention.” Yan Jiangying said. Cough medicine is one of them.

Due to the strong antitussive effect of cough drugs, many people will choose the medicine to relieve the cough, and they will choose to use it when they have a cold. Previously, Guangzhou media reported that some people were addicted to the place of addiction and cough drugs in the place. Professor Sun Zhongshi Sun Zhongshi, the National Food and Drug Administration, explained: “The reason why cough and medicinal water have strong antitussive, analgesic and sedative effects are mainly because it contains phosphate to be treated, but it will also be at the same time. It brings the possibility of helping and addiction to the medication. Although these functions of cough and medicinal water are far less than powerful anesthesia such as morphine and heroin, it will still cause adverse reactions to cause adverse reactions, which will not only cause gastrointestinal discomfort , Side effects such as constipation, nausea and vomiting, drowsiness and dizziness, can also cause drug dependence, leading to weakness, no cramps, and itching of the skin. The consequences are the same as the drug addiction. It is safe and effective. If you take a long -term dose, it will cause hallucinations, which can easily cause abuse, harm health, and endanger life.

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Yan Jiangying said that the current abuse problems have attracted great attention from the regulatory authorities. First of all, after the abuse of drugs is closely monitored, strict management of production, wholesale, and retail containing phosphates can be treated with regulatory measures that can be orally due to oral solution drugs. Secondly, drug production enterprises must make comprehensive cleanup of sales customers, moderate centralized sales channels, choose reputation and management of better drug business enterprises, and do not allow them to sell to unqualified units and individuals. “

Xu Xiaohua, a pharmacy consultant from the Ministry of Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health, told reporters that Xu Xiaohua said that the biggest effect of cough drugs is to remove cough and cannot reduce inflammation and phlegm. Therefore, patients are not recommended to use cough medicine directly. And because the abuse of people who can be treated by drugs are mainly adolescents, parents should maintain their vigilance and detect and eliminate abnormal phenomena early. For the sake of safety, when children have a cold and cough, they can choose to spray Tivin (coughing), right Michafen (Pu Zealand) and other drugs that are not addictive, and the cough effect is also good. If you really need to take the medicine to be treated, you need to consult a doctor before taking it to avoid adverse consequences.

(Intern editor: Du Niannian)

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