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Cupping and moisture, you need to know these precautions

Can cupping be removed? Cupping is a very common health method in our daily life, which will bring a lot of benefits to our body. At this time, many people will have doubts. Can cupping can remove moisture? We can get rid of this cupping today to talk to you.

Can cupping be removed?

Cupping can have a certain dampness effect. Because cupping is actually driving cold dehumidification, promoting blood circulation. Many people who finish the fire can find that they are much more comfortable. This is the cupping that helps your body detoxify.

What are the precautions during cupping?

1. Cupping needs to choose a place where the position and muscles are relatively full. You must choose the position without hair. Then choose different specifications of tanks according to the position of the cupping. If the position of the cupping is really not avoided, the position of hair and uneven positions can be tried to pad under the cupping mouth to prevent the phenomenon of leakage. If the skin is dry, you need to lubricate the skin first.

2. For the first time, it is not recommended to choose a large jar as soon as it comes up. You can choose a smaller fire can at the beginning, and gradually increase after the body adapts.

3. Pay attention to the body cannot move when cupping, and there should be a certain distance in the middle of the tank and the tank. Don’t arrange too closely.

4. After the fire can, if you feel that the fever is tight and cold, you don’t need to worry too much. This is a normal situation. If there is a feeling of burning, it may be that your cupping position is not selected or cupping is too shallow. If this is recommended, choose a small can.

5. After cupping, you must keep your body in a warm place. You cannot stand at the wind, otherwise it will play a counterproductive role.

The above is some of the knowledge about cupping. I hope it will be helpful to you. Although cupping is common, it can also help the body get rid of moisture, but we still pay attention to these precautions about cupping so as not to cause the body to be harmed.

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