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Cure for the elderly, pay attention to avoid two misunderstandings to avoid two misunderstandings

The elderly are older, and their physical functions are not as good as young people. Naturally, they are easily damaged by the disease. Because they cannot torture the pain, many elderly people have a strong dependence on drugs. They are eager to cure the disease. As a result, this psychology has blinded the idea of ​​scientific medication. In fact, many diseases need to be controlled for a long time to heal. Essence

39 Health Network warmly reminds that the elderly should pay attention to avoid two fatal errors:

1. Radily eat without seeing the medicine

Some elderly people with chronic diseases think they know the disease and medicine very well. They do n’t read the instructions when taking medicine, and they do n’t read the correct varieties of the drug, so they are anxious.

At present, many medicines on the market are similar, especially the different varieties of the same manufacturer. Generally, they are used in the same style. It is easy to confuse not to look at it carefully. If there are similar medicines in the home, it should be stored separately, or a significant label as a prompt, and take a closer look when taking medicine. The different specifications of the same drug are extremely similar. The elderly must see clearly when buying and taking. When taking medicine, you should not be too anxious to avoid coughing.

2. Excessive expectations for drugs

Sometimes the old man’s expectation of the drug is too high, and the medicine is not effective soon after taking the medicine, so it is likely to add medicine to excessive drugs and bring risks. Diseases such as epilepsy and Parkinson need to be tried from small doses of drugs. Do not add and subtract the drugs at will to avoid excessive poisoning.

There are also some special dosage forms of drugs that determine their slow results, such as enteric -soluble tablets (capsules). Since it does not disintegrate in the stomach, it needs to be disintegrated after the stomach is empty to reaches the intestinal tract. Time, if you add drugs during this period, will cause excess.

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