Cute yam, beauty and body shaping

Yam is also known as Huaishan, Huai Yam. Funda and sweet. Its tuber is rich in various essential amino acids, proteins and starch, with mucopen, cosmocin, choline, cellulose, fat, vitamin A, B2, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and other minerals. Provide a variety of essential nutrients in the human body.

The biggest feature of yam can provide a large amount of mucin in the human body. This is a polysaccharide protein that has a special health effect on the human body. It can prevent fat deposition of cardiovascular systems, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis from prematurely occur, reduce subcutaneous fat deposition, and avoid obesity. Therefore, yam is a very ideal weight loss health food. For women, yam contains sufficient fiber, and it will have a sense of fullness after consumption, which can control the desire to take care. It is a natural slimmer food. Secondly, yam itself is a highly nutritious, low -calorie food. You can rest assured that you can eat more without worrying about gaining weight.


1. Plastic arm breast enhancement porridge

50 grams of material coix seed. 15 grams of wolfberry. 50 grams of yam. Pueraria 10 grams

Put all the ingredients into the inner pot of the electric cooker and add 2 bowls of water, put 2 bowls of water in the outer pot, and eat it when the electric cooker jumps up.

PS can add a little salt to season

2. Mei breasts, medicine milk

Material 1 bottle of yogurt.

Put the yam powder and germination in the cup and stir well

PS can be used to measure sugar and boiled water according to personal preferences

3. Yam apple juice

15 grams of material yam powder. 1 apple. Fresh milk 250cc

Practice Apple peel and cut small yam powder, apple pieces and fresh milk together and stir in the juice machine

PS can consider add sugar and boiled water according to personal preferences

4. Yam sesame paste

Material yam powder 20g, sesame powder 120g, fresh milk 250g, right amount of rock sugar

The method yam powder adds black sesame powder and fresh milk, boiled with low heat and stirred it into a paste, just add rock sugar

5. Yam honey tea

20 grams of material yam powder and honey (considering the amount according to personal preferences)

Make 20 grams of yam powder, cook with slow heat for about 3 minutes, turn off the heat for 5 minutes, add honey.

(Editor in charge: Xu Beibei Intern Editor: Luo Junqiang)

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