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Dad shared happy parent -child games with the baby

Kangaroo Dad (Suitable for Age: 0 One 6 months)

Purpose of the game: Share happily with your baby and establish a good parent -child relationship.

The game began: Dad tied his baby to his stomach with a baby strap, and the baby was facing his father. In this way, you can play toys and read books with your father. Dad must also “report” what he has seen from time to time.

Hiding cats (suitable age: 016 months)

Game purpose: improve the baby’s exploration power.

The game starts: cover a toy with a handkerchief and ask the baby: “Baby, the toys are gone, where is the toy? Observe the baby’s reaction. Then, the handkerchief is opened and the baby is attracted by an exaggerated voice:” The original toy is here here Essence “Repeat a few times, guide the baby to open the handkerchief to find toys.

Drive a small “car” (suitable age: 6-12 months)

Game purpose: let the baby feel space move

The game starts: Let the baby sit on a blanket, the father pulls the blanket lightly, and the baby will move.

Sitting to see the world (suitable age: 6112 months)

Game purpose: Train your baby’s sense of space.

The game began: The baby sat across his father’s shoulder. Dad remembered to support the baby with his hand, and then slowly got up or squatting, so that the baby would feel the increase and landing. Dad can turn around slowly, walk around, and let the baby see different scenes.

Three legs (suitable for age: 1 to 2 years old)

Purpose of the game: Cultivate children’s balance.

The game began: Tie the baby’s leg with a leg of his father with a rope, and then walk or run together.

Pocket football (suitable age: 2-3 years old)

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Purpose of the game: Long -term jumping can exercise your baby’s perseverance.

The game began: blow a plastic pocket, tighten the bag with a rope, and let the baby kick it as a football. If you are indoors, you can use the sofa or door as a goal, and your father can play a small -scale football game with the baby.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Liu Fu Xiaoyun)

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