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Dandelion is the king of anti -cancer. It can not only kill cancer cells, but also eliminate nodules?Tell you the answer

Dandelion is no stranger to many people. It is the most common wild vegetable and a herbaceous plant with homologous medicines. It can be used as daily food and good medicinal value.Green.

Many articles on the Internet praise the dandelion as a treasure, with high nutritional value and significant various effects, especially in terms of treatment nodules, which is even more rare.

Uncle Jiu also saw an article that made people shine, saying that the study found that dandelion could kill 98%of cancer cells within 48 hours.

Many netizens have commented that they decided to drink water every day in the future to prevent cancer and anti -cancer.

As a blind Chinese herbal medicine, dandelion has a certain medicinal value, and there are many medical effects about it in the folk, but the relationship between it and cancer is full of rumors.

The topic of “dandelion anti -cancer” first appeared on a English website “Health Eternally”. The content of the website declared that a Canadian scholars’ research found that dandelion may have anti -cancer function.

Subsequently, there was the news that the domestic media discovered the news. After the investigation, the study was locked in a study completed by Professor Pandey University in Canada.The article “98 % cancer cells”.

As soon as the article came out, it was widely circulated, setting off the false popularity of dandelion anti -cancer.

First of all, Professor Pandey University in Canada did find that “dandelion extracts have killed a large area of cancer cells.”However, plant extracts and plants are two concepts. The dose and mechanism of effective ingredients is the key, especially in medical research, it should be emphasized.

Secondly, the data mentioned on the Internet is 70-95%of the data. There is no relevant research evidence that the dandelion root can kill 98%of cancer cells within 48 hours, and the reliability is suspicious.From a professional and scientific perspective, this article is unable to read and is even more reliable.

Finally, the dandelion extracts are conducted in vitro experiments. It is unknown whether it can kill cancer cells and how much cancer cells can be killed.

Taken together, the research results of Canadian scholars provide a direction for the research and development of drugs in the field of anti -cancer in the field of anti -cancer.

In China’s fields, dandelion is extremely common, and some more serious nodules often need surgical treatment. Such a “powerful” nodule is actually afraid of dandelion soaking in water?

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” of the famous Chinese medicine book, dandelion has the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying, and elimination.Modern medicine also confirms that dandelion has the effects of anti -inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

However, these medicinal values spread to the people, but they gradually changed. Many people thought that dandelion could treat nodules. Whether it was lung nodules or thyroid nodules, as long as the dandelion was soaked in water, it could be cured.

First of all, nodules refer to abnormal protrusions growing on human tissues, which belong to a physical lesion. The thyroid, lungs, liver, breasts and other organs are more common.There is a lot of risk of cancer, and surgical resection is required.

It is undeniable that the dandelion water soaking water does have a certain dissipation effect, but because the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is not outstanding enough, the treatment cycle is long, and it is generally used as auxiliary treatment.You know, some nodule growth cycles are fast and have a certain risk of cancer. Based on a single type of traditional Chinese medicine, it is no less than that of heaven.

Secondly, although the dandelion is Chinese medicine, the treatment of the disease depends on the role and dose of active ingredients.After soaking water, the effective ingredients that the human body can absorb is often limited, let alone most patients cannot debate their symptoms. It is difficult to say whether dandelion is right.

Dandelion is cold, long -term consumption, and there is still a certain risk of disease, so not everyone can drink water.

Patients find nodules, it is best to determine the traits of the nodules through imaging examinations such as CT and PT, determine the pathological nature of the biological biopsy, and then treat them with symptomatic treatment.

Clinically, more than 90%of nodules are benign, and most of them only need to review regularly.Pay attention to quitting smoking and drinking in life, avoid irritating food in diet, and at the same time, patients with thyroid nodules should pay attention to controlling iodine intake.

Dandelion is also called mother -in -law, Huanghua Ding, and Ding Ding. It is well -known in the folk. Although it cannot resist cancer, these 5 effects are real.

Dandelion contains dandelion alcohol, choline, dandelion bitter, pectin, chrysanthemum, resin, coffee acid and other substances. It has certain effects in anti -inflammatory and antibacterials.In the future), it also has a certain effect on skin inflammation, mastitis, and urinary system infection.

Dandelion also contains vitamin C, carotene, minerals, etc. Drinking water has a certain diuretic effect.

Dandelion soaking in water can relieve dry tongue and have a curative effect on fever, purulent diseases, and redness of the eyes, especially the infectious symptoms caused by liver heat.

Dandelion decoction or external use can also be used to treat bloated and sores caused by the accumulation of heat poisoning, such as: milk dysentery, intestinal pheasant. According to different symptoms, it is better to match gold and silver flower, Danpi, and rhubarb. It is recommended to guide the guidance of doctors in the doctor.Put it down.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, and other minerals are also beneficial to the symptoms of constipation and indigestion. Drinking water can achieve the effect of protecting the stomach and helping digestion.There are many types of Chinese herbal medicines, but there are not many medicines and foods. Dandelion is one of them. It does have unique value, but not everyone can use it. It is also particular about using dandelion.

Cancer is a major problem in the history of human medicine, but the current medical technology has also achieved certain results in anti -cancer. People do not have to be too afraid, and they do not have to be deceived by rumors.

The efficacy of Chinese herbal medicines such as dandelion must be understood from an authoritative channel. Do not spread the truth from the trend, so as not to listen to rumors, delay disease treatment, and cause irreparable consequences.

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