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Danning the sun sperm vitality is more likely to conceive

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do you know? It turns out that the sun is an important substance to enhance the vitality of men. No wonder people often use “Sunshine Boys” to describe the energetic men. Studies have shown that men who have caused women to fail to conceive smoothly, generally there is a problem of vitamin D deficiency, and sunlight can promote the body’s synthetic vitamin D. Therefore, it is recommended that men who intend to have childbirth, take more sun!

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A foreign study tested the sperm quality of more than 300 men and conducted a detailed analysis of 40 of them. The results of the study show that men who often bask in the sun have faster sperm speed, stronger penetration, and women are more likely to get pregnant. Vitamin D plays a decisive role in the production of semen, which not only helps semen formation, but also enhances the activity of sperm. It is estimated that the activity of vitamin D receptor in normal men’s semen is three times that of those infertile men’s semen.

The amount of vitamin D in men’s body is directly proportional to the male hormone. Men with low levels of vitamin D, the number of healthy sperm is seriously lower than normal. Every year in October, the winter is coming, the sun is reduced, and the opportunity of vitamin D in the human body is reduced. In March of the following year, the human body fell from the level of vitamin D to the minimum from the sun. During this period, the testosterone in men’s body was also the lowest and weak sexual desire.

Although the sun can enhance the vitality of sperm, unreasonable exposure will increase the risk of skin cancer. It is recommended to choose the temperature when the temperature is 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. It is best to perform outdoor exercise. Exercise can help vitamins absorb. The sun should not be too long, up to 2 hours, and avoid the strongest time period of the sunlight at 12:00 noon to 15 o’clock.

Do not wear white clothes, especially when ultraviolet rays are strong, white clothes reflect ultraviolet rays onto the face or naked arms, so that the skin is sunburned, and the sun is most suitable to wear red clothes. It should be reminded that do not apply sunscreen to the sun to avoid affecting the synthesis of vitamin D.

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Danning the sun sperm vitality is more likely to conceive
Danning the sun sperm vitality is more likely to conceive
$15.95 $29.95
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