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Deng Wendi: Let life do my best

There are about 10,000 views on the divorce of Murdoch and Deng Wendi all over the world, but the question mark is neat: What will happen next?

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Top some idle articles first. Xiaobian Yin Xiaoyang was fortunate to enter the couple of the heroine in the Forbidden City, and concluded that “amazing”: some of the pavilions on the ground are suspected of the Forbidden City. It is superficial and luxurious, so the guests who have a crispy laughter, “There is no white duet, and there is a giant talked with a giant”. The celebrities a celebrities B happened to live in this house and then know each other. The charm is lined.

She laughed loudly, and could even talk to the most dumb clothing assistant. “Is the living room still? Last time Cameron also liked to take pictures here.” He also lifted his sleeves to work with everyone, with an affinity of 360 degrees and precise accuracy. Projected under this eaves, all important and not important people -such an efficient and deadly corner -free skills are amazing.

This is the exclusive understanding of the editor. Other ambitions, enthusiasm, and minds about this woman, you probably have a thick magazine to read.

He loved her and herself when she was young, and she loved him to build the strategy and wisdom of the media empire. When he was beaten, he turned into a “tiger wife” because of love. In the field of media, she really splashed out a Mr. Right & Money? And how much will he give her to support her? ——This eternal topics that make the onlookers who are tired of this is just a few small waves of the vast life of the hero and heroine of others. The blueprint was to go to our livelihood, and we still stayed in place, wished, sighing.

So it is better to catch some dry goods to watch the business drama -the heroine posted a warm Weibo at the end of May, “Rupert launched a new news group today in New York!” Deng Wendi’s divorce has attracted much attention in foreign media, especially when Murdoch officially announced the split of its company. After the split, the news group will consist of two parts: publishing and entertainment. Three of their children are in power at the company’s senior management. “There are also former senior employees of Robert Murdoch to penetrate the bottom.” Almost everyone thinks she is waiting for the opportunity. Everyone is waiting to see her becoming a rising player- It will be very stupid in the post -Rubert era. When the split battle starts, she will be present. She has two children. “,”

The plot is being formed, the protagonist is about to be in place, and the famous saying of the heroine has become a painting sound. “I can find beauty in adversity, so that my life can do my best.”

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