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“Desire” is too low, what do you send for boys?

Late at night, a good friend sent a text message, revealing depression and anxiety in the words: “Boyfriends who have lived together for a year and a half have only been 2 or 3 times in the past year. My friend said before that he was not very interested in sex, but he was only 26 years old this year. What should I do after getting married? He always takes the work as a reason. It’s not tired at a little morning! “

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In fact, this kind of thing does not only happen to the little nine friends. Professor Pan Suiming, a sexist, investigated the sexual life of the Chinese marriage in 2009, and found that the person who could not even have one -time life accounted for 28.7%, 6.2%of couples who have no one -time life in the past year, and the biggest reason is the man’s body.

Zhang Bin, director of the Division of Infertility and Sexual Medicine, the Third Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, introduced that it is known as “low sexual desire” in medicine and is also one of the male sexual dysfunction. In recent years Increased, it is estimated that about 15%of adult men have low sexual desire.

How long is the one -time life is normal?

Generally speaking, the number of sexual life varies from person to person. If it is only a physiological perspective, when the emotion is strong, as long as it is not reluctant and the body has no discomfort, then you can live sexual life without having to consider the above. How long it takes for a period of time, but the experts will remind you. Even if you have a lot of interest, you must restrain it. It should not be excessive.

If you really need to take a frequency standard, there is a simple formula for your reference. A foreign scholar made a reference formula according to the law of the influence of male sexual ability: multiply the ten digits of your age to 9, and the income is obtained. Ten digits of the product are the number of days that continue to be sexual life cycle, and the number of digits is the frequency of sexual life.

It sounds complicated. We can give an example. For example, a 30 -year -old man, his sexual frequency should be: 3×9 = 27, that is, 7 times of sex within 20 days is healthy, with an average of 3 days on average; if it is in his 40s, 40s Men, the frequency of sex is: 4×9 = 36, that is, 6 times of sexual life within 30 days is healthy, with an average of 5 days as once, and so on. (You can calculate how much 20 -year -old men should be, and numbers will surprise you!)

Of course, sexual life is a place of love after all. It is largely stimulated and physical, as well as objective factors such as partners around me. It is impossible to follow the above -mentioned boxes according to the above -mentioned box. It is naturally the most important feeling.

Who makes your partner be unable to lift your sexual desire?

The low -medical sexual desire is not interested in adult men’s continuous or repeatedly or sexual activities, and sexual desires and sexual interests that are not consistent with their age are indifferent.

“This is to be distinguished from the ED we often say, that is, the erectile dysfunction. Most people with low sexual desire can complete the sexual life at the requirements of the spouse, but the frequency of sexual life is extremely low. This may be less than once. “Director Zhang Bin said.

What causes male sexual desire to become lower? Experts said that they can find the cause from these aspects and stay up late for a long time (sleeping after 11 pm) is the most common cause of low sexual desire. Because staying up late to stay up late will not only cause endocrine disorders and male hormone levels, but also cause the human body’s stress response to directly inhibit the central nervousness of the brain, cause low sexual desire and sexual dysfunction.

In addition, sexual dysfunction such as impotence, premature ejaculation, and ejaculation difficulties, causing discord of sexual life of husband and wife, and man -fear and evasion of sex, which is also an important reason for male sexual desire.

Psychological factors are also common causes of low sexual desire: such as unsuccessful life, fear of failing to meet the requirements of the other party, blame by the other party or degradation, tension between husband and wife, and inconsistent emotions.

There are many reasons that can also cause low sexual desire, such as low gonad function, penile dysplasia, phimosis, liver and kidney dysfunction, etc., and other chronic diseases, taking drugs (anti -male hormone drugs, anti -hypertension drugs, anti -psychiatric drugs, etc.)) Essence

How to “save” male sexual desire?

Of course, there is no “good medicine” for male sexual desire. Experts said that the main is the right medicine.

If the sexual desire is low, it is caused by sexual dysfunction (impotence, premature ejaculation, and ejaculation difficulties, etc.), then the sexual dysfunction should be treated first. Sexual function has improved, both men and women can get more happiness from the process of sex, and sexual desire naturally enhances.

If sexual desire is caused by low testosterone levels, you can improve testosterone levels and enhance sexual desire by taking drugs.

Low sexual desire is often related to mental and psychological factors, and it is important to treat psychological behavior on both men and women. Women must learn to fully show their superiority, while men must work hard to improve their sexual skills and sexual skills. Through the sincere communication between the two parties, find out the most satisfactory sexual lifestyle suitable for both parties. After experiencing happiness and satisfaction in normal sexual life, sexual desire naturally enhances.

In the boys, changing the poor lifestyle also helps prevent and relieve low sexual desire. First of all, maintaining sufficient sleep. A number of studies have confirmed that sufficient and good sleep is an important way to improve sexual desire. In addition, sleep well. The reaction function of each system will be more sensitive. When the brain receives sexual stimuli, it will actively feedback. <!-2510: Organize terminal page

Secondly, the diet should be balanced. A healthy dietary habits will improve the condition of blood vessels, thereby improving the ability to supply blood supply to reproductive organs. In addition, balanced nutrition can reduce the level of male cholesterol, reduce arteriosclerosis, and improve the problem of low sexual desire.

Men are best to adhere to exercise. Good physical condition is an important guarantee for sexual life. Proper exercise can enhance physical fitness, and it is also conducive to alleviating life pressure and shaping men’s self -confidence. This is very important for the treatment of low sexual desire. , Walking and other exercises are good choices.

In the end, to quit smoking and restriction, smoke -interested alcoholic people may numb the central nervous nerve of the brain, and the response to various external stimuli will significantly slow down. It is manifested in sexual life. If a large amount of alcoholism is long -term, the liver and gland will be damaged to a certain extent, causing male sexual desire.

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