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“Desperate Housewives” is not desperate, listening to the story of actress Marcia Cross and anal cancer

Bree’s player Marcia Cross in “Desperate Housewives” was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2017.After more than a year of treatment, the news made the news for the first time.

In an interview with the “Character” magazine, Marcia Cross said: admitting that he has anal cancer to reduce people’s shame about cancer.During the anti -cancer period of anti -cancer, Cross read many cases of anti -cancer success. She found that many people, especially women, are often difficult for her cancer parts, especially anal cancer.

She said, “In fact, there is nothing so shameful. Do you have cancer that we have done something wrong? Is it because my anus has a tumor, should I feel guilty?”

Marcia Cross uses his own story to encourage more women to eliminate “prejudice” for certain cancers and defeat them.

So, what exactly is anal cancer?Today, let Jiu Shu take everyone to understand this disease.

1. Anal cancer that is “difficult to enable”

The anus is a morphological concept. The vulgar refers to the exit of the end of the digestive tract, excretion of feces and gases, that is, we are called “chrysanthemums”.

There are 5 pathological types of common anal malignant tumors: acupoint anal carcinoma, base cell carcinoma, epidermal cancer and mucus epidermal cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma.

Most of the anal cancer is Lin -shaped cell carcinoma, which is derived from the skin surface cells; a small part is the primary carcinoma, and its main source is the mucosal cells on the upper part of the anal canal.Although there are other types of cancer occur in this area, these two are more common types.

Our malignant tumors have a low incidence in gastrointestinal tumors, but its incidence has grown slowly over the past few decades.According to statistics, in the United States, there are about 5,000 new cases each year and more than 700 deaths per year.In my country, anal malignant tumors are relatively rare.

Two or five people need to be alert to the symptoms of anal cancer

For the current medical technology, people cannot determine the clear cause of the cancer for the anal cancer, but it is clear that anal cancer is related to certain dangerous factors –

1. Anal acuminatum: About 90%of anal cancer is related to human mastoid virus (HPV).

2. Anal sex: people who have participated in anal sex.

3. People with incomplete immunity: immunity is lower than ordinary people, or incomplete immune systems caused by disease.AIDS patients are also dangerous people in anal cancer.

4. Patients with long -term anal inflammation: patients who have been in anal fistula or open wound for a long time.

5. Pelvic radiation therapy: patients who need to receive pelvic radiation therapy due to rectal cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and uterine cancer.

Many patients are still in a stubborn state after diagnosis of anal cancer.In fact, anal cancer can be discovered very early, but most patients treat them as hemorrhoids.In fact, there is a certain difference between anal cancer and hemorrhoids. Generally, the following symptoms are often shown:

1. The anal bleeding, the blood is mostly dark red blood, with unknown mucus or feces;

2. There is often a foreign body sensation at the anus opening;

3. There is pain in the anal area;

4. The symptoms of persistent or repeated anal itching are still not relieved after using itching drugs;

5. Change the stool habits and the shape of the stool are thin;

6. The swelling of lymph nodes in the anal groin area.

If the tumor is located around the anus and less than 2 cm, surgical treatment does not affect the anal function, and local resection can be selected.

For most anal cancer patients, the best treatment is still a comprehensive treatment plan combining radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Fresh and chemotherapy can retain the anus and improve the quality of life. At the same time, it can obtain better local control than surgery.

How to prevent anal cancer?

“Why is my anus stared at?” After many patients were diagnosed, they didn’t know where to find the answer.In fact, a lot of habits in life are the risk factors of anal cancer. To prevent anal cancer, you can start from the following points:

· Discovering “hemorrhoids”, medical examination early: As mentioned above, many patients will treat anal cancer early as hemorrhoids, and if you want to distinguish hemorrhoids and anal cancer as soon as possible, the most effective way is to go to the hospital for conductRectal test.You can accurately judge the illness with only a dozen yuan, and do not refuse because of shyness.

· Inocular HPV vaccine: Human papilloma virus is the main carcinogenic factor of anal cancer. HPV can infect the cells on the surface of the skin, as well as cells on the inner wall of genitals, anus, oral and throat.How to avoid being attacked by HPV?Simple, a few stitches.HPV vaccine is the most effective “golden bell cover”, which can help prevent HPV infection, but it is clear that it cannot help existing infected people.

· Make safety measures when X behavior occurs: Papapa is the main way to spread HPV. Safe and secure X behavior is responsible for the health of the partner.The condom can provide some protection of HPV (and HIV).In addition, after finishing, pay attention to the cleaning of the anus and perianal.

Anal cancer is rare cancer, but if it can be diagnosed early, its survival rate is very high.For most anal cancer patients, the comprehensive treatment of chemotherapy is good, and even the treatment of tumors after recurrence is quite successful.

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