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Diabetes and feet from sugar are not far away in mind the prevention of prevention

Each sugar friend’s knowledge of blood sugar monitoring and diabetes diet, exercise, and behavior habits resonates a lot of chatting. But when it comes to diabetic feet, only some can tell the cause and effect of diabetic foot. Most of the cognition of diabetic feet only stays literal understanding. The attitude of “raising”. In fact, it is always good to know more.

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Diabetic feet quietly come to the candy friend to follow

Ms. Chen was 37 years old. During her pregnancy, she found that blood sugar was increased during pregnancy and controlled blood glucose. After pregnancy, there are no symptoms, and blood glucose has not been monitored. The terrible thing is that the potential diabetes during pregnancy slowly developed during 10 years. Recently, when Ms. Chen went to the hospital to check her foot nail infection, she accidentally found that diabetes was accompanied by the way, and a diagnosis of diabetic foot had an extra diabetes. What makes her unacceptable is that the doctor told her that when the infection was unable to control, it may lead to an amputation.

Although Ms. Chen was ultimately exempted from amputation, she also performed a lot of complex surgery to save diabetic feet and finally kept her feet. According to relevant statistics, about 15%of sugar friends will suffer from diabetic foot. The incidence of diabetes foot in my country is only less than India, ranking second.

In fact, there are traces of diabetic foot. Sugar friends, when you have numbness, pain, ant feelings, or static pain, intermittent clamoring, or feet deformed, or the skin color changes, the skin has calluses, damage and ulcers, be alert to diabetes, These are the previous signs of diabetic foot.

These points should be done well

The “diet”: diet conditioning is a part of diabetes five -driving troiders, and its importance is self -evident. Sugar friends can consume more crude fiber foods and vegetables and fruits, eat less sweets and treacherous irritating foods. The three meals should be reasonably allocated, and the total heat is calculated at 30-35 kcal per kilogram of weight.

Do not toss: Even the Apple mobile phone has a “sleeping” monitoring function, and you know how important it is for health. Sugar friends must also have regular habits, not staying up late, not smoking, not drinking, to have a good body.

Regularly monitor blood glucose: Each blood glucose measurement can help you understand the trend of blood sugar value, so as to adjust the dose in time. Try to keep the empty blood glucose within 6 mmama per liter. After 2 hours of meals, the blood glucose is less than 8 mmamam per liter, and the sugarized hemoglobin is less than 6.5%, which can make the foot well metabolize.

Avoid feet injury: It is a troublesome thing for sugar friends to be injured. If you don’t pay attention, the small wound infected will become the culprit of amputation. Therefore, those who have a foot infection must seek the help of a doctor and find out the cause of the cause of the infection.

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Personal care: Sugar friends’ response to diabetic feet is nothing more than two, one indifference and one kind of worry. Both of these two types of sugar friends must take care of them and let them treat diabetes correctly. For patients who ignore it, they should inform the terrible consequences of the unwilling attention, and they must do a good job of health care; they must soothe the patients, and establish their confidence in actively treating diabetes, and do a good job of daily foot protection.

Diabetic foot can prevent control and understanding. You can avoid diabetic foot prevention and treatment, and you can avoid the occurrence of diabetes to the greatest extent. Have you remembered the knowledge of diabetes above?

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