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Diabetes foot is high!Sugar friends need “exquisite” life, nursing needs to be “foot”

The recurrence rate is as high as 31.6%, and the mortality rate is 14.4%! Are you still not afraid of diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most chronic complications of diabetic patients. However, because related medical knowledge is not popular, many patients do not realize the hidden danger behind the lower limbs.

60%-70%of diabetic patients are accompanied by peripheral neuropathy, and 15%of diabetic patients will have foot ulcers.

Diabetes foot, make great “contributions” for amputation

Among the huge patients with diabetic foot, about 15%of patients with diabetic foot need to be amputated. Related data shows that diabetes is a case of nearly 70%of the non -traumatic amputation of the lower limbs. Among them, the risk of ulcers or amputation of male patients is higher than that of women. Patients with amputation of lower limbs, the survival rate of postoperative surgery is not ideal. According to statistics, the 5 -year survival rate is only 40%.

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However, if comprehensive foot care is taken, it can reduce amputation by 45%-85%. Cherish life, care for “foot”!

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