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Diabetes friends are distressed: Is the way I injected insulin, right?Just know how to see

For patients with poor diabetes in ordinary hypoglycemic drugs, when they reach a certain degree, an exogenous insulin is needed. Especially for patients with type I diabetes and gestational diabetes, they are inseparable from insulin treatment. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct method of insulin. So what are the use of insulin?

Injecting position of insulin

When using insulin, you must choose the part of the injection, and use the alcohol cotton ball to disinfect the skin of the injection site.

During the injection, use one hand to pinch gently for the injection site, reaches two to three centimeters wide skin, and there will be slight pain. The other hand holds the insulin syringe, and the needle is forty -five. The angle of the ninety degree is quickly pierced into the part that needs to be injected, infuses the related medicinal solution, and then relax and lifts the skin.

Patients with thin bodies and children with a forty -five degree angle are injected with a forty -five degree angle, and patients with obese obese injections are injected with a ninety degree angle.

Injecting time of insulin

After injection, pay attention to quickly pull out the needle. When pulling the needle, the direction cannot be changed. Use a clean cotton ball to compress the injection parts for five to eight seconds, but do not rub. You must pay attention to keeping your muscles relaxing the entire injection process.

If it is a single injection dose greater than 40U, it can be divided into two times for injection. It is best to injection in the same part to more than a month, so that the occurrence of local bruises can be avoided due to injection of insulin.

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It is also reminded that insulin should not be injected too much.

What is the use of insulin? When it comes to insulin, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding, mainly for insulin therapy for diabetic patients, but it must be used correctly to achieve the ideal effect. The relevant content of the use of insulin has been introduced in detail. Help everyone.

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