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Diabetes in summer, do not do these 4 things!

Summer is a high incidence of diabetic foot. Because mosquito bite in summer, the chance of damage and infection in the foot will increase significantly, and any tiny damage may become the beginning of ulcers and gangrenes in patients with diabetes. Therefore, it is important to learn to care for diabetic patients, but in the care of diabetic foot, sugar friends often have many misunderstandings.


The incidence of diabetes is high, and the harm is great

Diabetes is caused by complicated interactions between peripheral neuropathy, micro -tube lesions, large vascular lesions, and poor hygiene factors. Diabetes can cause three common complications: retinopathy, kidney lesions, and neuropathy. Among them, the highest incidence is especially diabetic foot.

People with diabetes often cause foot and lower limb gangrene due to foot infections, called “diabetes foot”. It appears as numbness in the feet, feeling dull, cold, pain, etc. Once the onset of the disease, due to the complicated treatment and difficulty, it will face the consequences of amputation. Therefore, diabetic foot lesions are one of the most terrible complications of diabetes.

Four misunderstandings of diabetic foot care

Misunderstanding 1: The loose shoes, the better

Reducing the pressure on the foot is the most important means to prevent and treat the ulcers of diabetes, but reducing pressure is not equal to the loose shoes you wear, the better. Wearing shoes is to avoid sufficient injuries, but the shoes must be fulfilled to protect. Too large, too small, or too wide, too narrow shoes will cause local pressure, damage and even permanent deformity.

When choosing shoes, insist on the shoes in line with the foot type. Do not force your feet to adapt to the shoes. Active intervention of shoes and socks wearing diabetic people can effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot ulcers. It is best to open a pair of prescription shoes that meet your own personality after the professional doctor has done a full check.

Misunderstanding 2: Use hot water to burn your feet to improve your blood circulation

If it is just because it is not noticed that the warmth causes the feet to get cold, then the hot water soaking feet can indeed play a role in improving the blood circulation of the foot.

Diabetes patients are often caused by the blood vessels and neuropathy of the lower limbs, and the feet soak feet in hot water cannot improve the cycle. In order to avoid burns and infection, it is recommended to wash the water temperature of the foot at about 37 ° C. It can be controlled at 5-10 minutes.

Misunderstanding 3: Doing foot therapy to prevent diabetes foot

Foot therapists generally adjust their strength with the power of the recipient, while some sugar friends feel slow, and sometimes excessive force causes skin damage and the patient is still painless. Therefore, patients with diabetes should reduce foot therapy, and can do some legs and feet exercise every day, such as heels, foot exercises, and knee movement.

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Misunderstanding 4: Take the cobblestone road to cure diabetic foot

Generally speaking, bare -footed stepping on stones is like acupuncture acupuncture points, which can promote blood circulation, make endocrine vigorously, and play a role in massage and cure for fitness.

However, diabetic patients are damaged due to the nervous system. When they walk on the pebble road, they are easily cut due to lack of sensation. Especially elderly people with diabetes generally have varying degrees of osteo -joint degenerative lesions and osteoporosis, and the light feet walking pebbles can easily damage the joints, causing the knee ankle lesions.

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