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Diabetes is difficult to cure. How can sugar friends “change their lives against the sky”?

A total of 116 million diabetes patients in my country have to control blood sugar to avoid damage to the kidneys, eyes, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. Diabetes is difficult to cure thoroughly. How can patients with diabetes “change their lives against the sky”?

In 2017, the top medical journal “The Lancet” released the results of a diabetic research: patients successfully reversed type 2 diabetes by diet reduction.

In the experiment, the patient only ate low calorie soup and milkshakes every day. In the end, nearly half of the patients successfully reversed type 2 diabetes and maintained blood sugar in the normal range for at least 6 months to one year.

In the trial, the more weight loss, the greater the benefit of the patient, which undoubtedly pointed out the direction for the reversal of diabetes: restricting and burning your calories!

1. Low carbohydrate diet

High carbohydrate diet has a greater impact on blood sugar. When we eat a large amount of high -carbohydrate compounds, the blood sugar will rise rapidly, and excessive blood sugar will cause damage to the islet. Therefore, our daily diet needs to be balanced. Try to choose a low -carbohydrate diet, and it is a low -lift index. At the same time, a certain protein intake should be ensured in the diet, while fat intake is reduced to prevent the damage of the pancreas to the islet function.

2. Strengthen exercise

Moderate increased physical activity can help reverse the early period of diabetes. Do not need to do heavy work from the beginning. Simple changes and small improvement of activities will help. The gradual movement every day can make these changes into a permanent lifestyle choice.

Find the activities you can persist. Walking, climbing more stairs, doing more outdoor activities, hiking, gardening, aerobic exercise, using a walking or fixed bicycle and stretching exercise are moderate physical activities.

3. Protecting pancreatic functions

Many drugs can damage tolet cells, such as some antibiotics, anti -psychiatric drugs, hormones, etc., such as adrenaline, thiazide diuretics, glucocorticoids, thyroxine, sodium nitrogen, interferon, interferon, etc. Directly damage the islet beta cells and reduce the islet function.

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Insulin secretions, such as sulfuria, Greya, etc., long -term use can cause insulin excessive secretion and affect the islet function. Therefore, patients with type 2 diabetes should pay attention to explaining or reading the drug instructions to the doctor when using drugs to treat other diseases to understand whether they damage the islet function.

In patients with type 2 diabetic patients, they choose to choose drugs that do not affect islet function when choosing blood sugar drugs, such as di metaria, α-glucosidase inhibitors, etc. Therefore, only by protecting the islet function, it is possible to achieve long -term reversal of type 2 diabetes.

Reasonable diet+exercise can help you embark on the path of reverse diabetes. However, not every patient who succeeded in weight loss can reverse diabetes, which is related to the genes, pathogenesis, length of onset, and disease progress of each patient. But even if it cannot be reversed, the restore to reasonable weight can help patients stabilize blood sugar and delay or avoid complications.

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