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Diabetes patients injecting insulcin should be implemented, and these 4 points should be implemented. Don’t be abandoned halfway

Recently, a doctor shared the story of the two patients he experienced on the Internet, let us see them one by one.

Patient 1: Due to severe dizziness symptoms with more drinking and multi -urine admission to the hospital. After the measurement of the empty blood glucose value, it reached 24mmol/L. The blood sugar after meal was even more terrible. The current decision to inject insulin is to be injected, and the blood glucose will be reduced first and then considering the follow -up treatment plan.

However, the patient’s strict words refused to inject insulin. He insulted that once the insulin was injected, he couldn’t stop. He didn’t want to rely on insulin for a lifetime. The subsequent family invited a relative of their family to persuade him before he was treated with insulin.

Patient 2: The blood glucose value of the time and space is 8.0mmol/L, and the blood glucose value of 2 hours after a meal reaches 13 mmol/L. The patient’s condition was not very serious. The diagnosis given at the time was to take drugs for treatment intervention.

But the patient does not know where to hear that diabetes must be insulin, otherwise the condition will not be controlled. After we were required to be rejected by our insulin, the patient immediately decided to change a hospital to make insulin.

Regarding insulin, many people have cognitive misunderstandings. This situation like these two types of patients is not uncommon clinically. Next, follow the editor to understand the cognitive misunderstandings about insulin.

4 cognition about insulin is not desirable

1. Use insulin treatment to prove that the condition is very serious

In fact, whether the insulin is used mainly based on the patient’s condition, in these five cases, insulin is needed for treatment, including patients with type 1 diabetes, taking various types of hypoglycemic drugs, and blood glucose control is not ideal;

Patients with complications such as type 2 diabetic blood glucose values ​​in the first diagnosis of type 2 diabetic blood glucose value have appeared in patients with complications such as ketoic acid poisoning; diagnosis of diabetes for the first time, but patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Some patients have been suffering from diabetes for many years. The pancreatic β cells are gradually failing, and taking drugs cannot control the condition well.

2. I would rather take sugar lowering medicine without insulin

Taking medicine or taking insulin for treatment mainly depends on the patient’s condition. If the above -mentioned patients are required, insulin needs to be injected for treatment. You must not be blind according to the advice of a professional doctor.

In fact, taking hypoglycemic drugs may bring side effects to the body more than insulin. For example, the dual -metammer needs to be excreted through the kidneys. Long -term medication may cause renal damage, a lot of accumulation of lactic acid in the body, and the risk of renal damage and lactic acid poisoning will increase;

Akapo candy is likely to cause flatulence and diarrhea, which cannot be used for patients with intestinal obstruction, intestinal ulcers, and hernia patients. Migliel alcohol is likely to cause gastrointestinal reactions, which are disabled for patients with chronic intestinal diseases.

3. Do not control your diet if you have insulin

Whether it is injecting insulin or taking drugs to control blood sugar, you need to control your diet, otherwise it will not have a good effect of lowering sugar. Diabetes patients can help correct metabolic disorders in the body by controlling diet, reduce the burden on islets, and reduce postprandial blood glucose;

The metabolic disorders of some patients can be improved after diet control, and the blood sugar value in the body can be better controlled; when the diet is restored to normal, the islet cells can be rested and some functions can be recovered. In addition, diet control helps to help Reduce blood sugar after meals.

Pay attention to eating more fresh vegetables, appropriate amounts of meat, and a small amount of staple food for diabetic patients. Pay attention to only seven cents and full meals for each meal. Eat vegetables before eating meat and staple food. quantity. It is best to eat coarse and fine grains with food. Coarse grains can help delay the increase in blood sugar after meals.

4. Injecting insulin can lead to gaining weight and hypoglycemia

The two most common side effects of insulin is fat and hypoglycemia. The reason why fatter is fatal that exogenous insulin will first absorb in tissue, which will easily lead to increased subcutaneous fat synthesis, and some energy balance conversion will also be carried out. For obese people Control weight is more unfavorable.

Some patients will reduce blood sugar too fast due to excessive insulin use and induce hypoglycemia. This situation can only be avoided. It can prevent the appearance of hypoglycemia in daily cooperation with blood glucose detection, regular meals, and reasonable exercise.

What preparations do you need to make when injection of cumulatin?

For diabetic patients, daily injection of insulin must do these four things!

First of all, unpacked insulin should be stored in the refrigerator refrigerated area. The seal insulin can be stored in a refrigerator again at a room temperature without more than 25 ° C. Internal use;

Secondly, the part of the injection of insulin is generally the hip, upper arm, thighs, and abdomen. The absorption speed of the abdomen is the fastest and the hip is the slowest. It is not recommended to repeat injection in one part daily. The injection site should be often changed to avoid fat hyperplasia and hardships, which affect the normal absorption of insulin;

Third, there are three main models of the needle of insulin injection, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, and 12.7mm. Relatively speaking, the needle of 4 ~ 6mm will be safer. Different body types to judge;

Fourth, use alcohol for disinfection before injection, and check whether the injection site has scars, hardships, depression, and tenderness. Once these abnormalities have to be replaced.After the injection is completed, it is best to stop the needle for more than 10 seconds under the skin and then pull the needle to ensure that insulin can be completely entered into the body.

When diagnosis is diagnosed, whether you need to inject insulin to obey the advice of professional doctors, do not blindly resist, and do not believe rumors to avoid unnecessary threats to health.

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